Investigating Characteristics of Christmas Celebrations

This week you are going to be investigating Christmas Celebrations around the world. These are your MUST DOS:

  • complete at least 2 Thinkers Keys
  • compare Christmas in at least 2 other countries and share your findings
  • Make at least 1 pop-up Christmas card
  • isten to the story of Baboushka and make a baboushka doll set.

CAN DOS might include:

  • Christmas booklet
  • creative Christmas Crafts
  • write a story; song; acrostic poem…or other poem
  • create a Reindeer Dance (and teach it to others)…
  • other…

Talking to Heidi

Hey everyone it’s me Heidi right now I’m in Nottingham it’s so cold here.ln the morning we went to see a statue of a really famous person called Robin Hood and 2 really old pubs. The first calls Ye olde trip to Jerusalem and it got build in 1189. The orher pub is called Ye olde salutation inn 1240 and legend says it’s a haunted.

Room 6 – First time in the Kitchen!

Last Friday Room 6 students had their first experience of cooking in our kitchen garden kitchen.  It was amazing!  After putting on our aprons, we harvested the incredible food we’d grown in our garden bed before bringing it into the kitchen to prepare.  You can see the fun we had creating a healthy dish with it.  Yum!  -:)


Room 6 Try out the Kitchen! from MRPS on Vimeo.

Storytime – Lost at the Show by Charlie


Charlie wrote such a gripping story, “Lost at the Show” that he has now published it for us all to enjoy.  Click on the audio play button and then click on the Storyjumper  book below and flip the pages to see the pictures he drew to go with his story. (I wonder who can work out just when to turn the page as you listen to him reading the story?)

Book titled 'Lost at the Show'Read this book made on StoryJumper
Great job, Charlie.  Now I can show all of you how to make your own storybook on Storyjumper!  When you have something to write, come and ask me.  😎

Times Tables Tunes (Videos)

You have lots of fun activities to do during Computer in rotating groups today.  Follow from #1 to #2 to #3 and then you can do this one.  These are videos to help you learn your times tables.

To practise your times tables, I’ve put some video times tables tunes you can learn by singing along, into the pages at the top of your screen if you click on the = (3 lines) icon.  Then select Times Tables Videos.  Have a look and let me know how you go for 2x, 5x and 3x.

Mrs Veary 😎


Please note that you may need to enable Flash Player for some of these games.  Find a logon that works or skip those games it it won’t work for you, and go on to the next post or game.

Today in Rotating Maths Groups we will continue learning about multiplication.  This is number 2. of times tables activities. Computer will be practising their multiplication skills doing these activities:



3.  GRAND PRIX (a bit of a challenge for your times tables)

Work hard and have fun learning how to multiply!