Today there is an Anzac Ceremony in the undercover area because Anzac Day will be during the holidays.  Our guest speaker will talk about what Anzac Day means to Australians and what the Anzac legend is.

Back in class as you watch the powerpoint on Anzac Day look for things which will help us to understand what Australians need to remember on that day.  Anzac Day is on the 25th April every year.  ANZAC stands for:






SIMPSON AND HIS DONKEY – on this Anzac website you can read all about Simpson and his bravery.  This statue stands outside the War Memorial in Canberra.

simpson and his donkey

Here is a news clip from England from Simpson’s home town which explains the story of his bravery.

Now you will be writing down his story on your sheet.  [It’s a great and moving story.]

As you listen and read information on these websites, think about the true meaning of Anzac Day for Australians, so that you can talk about this on the real Anzac Day during the holidays.


CHALLENGE: – Try and find out what wars Australian soldiers are fighting in right now?

Daily Workpad for Thursday 12 April

Dear Room 6 and Relief Teacher for today –

Here is the work for today.

9:00  Students who go to Macqlit go down to Nicole until 10:00; rest of students do News and then do Maths sheets (printed out by Ms Macaulay).  This is refreshing what you did yesterday using strategies for simple addition and subtraction facts.  (I suggest all students tackle pages with 2 suns and reward is the page with 1 sun. Please mark it together.)

10:00  MUSIC

RECESS – Autumn Fair until close to lunch

1:50  USSR and anybody publishing work or writing can do that then too.

2:10  Use Maths Groups Roster to do short rotations:  1- Studyladder on computers  2 – Get Grammar and Language books from pigeonholes and complete pages 28, 29, 30 (I think….check which ones we marked with a cross the other day) about using apostrophe to show contractions; 3 –  Get them to read their expositions they wrote about toys to the group and discuss how convincing they may have been or where they could improve.  (These are in their Draft Writing Books in pigeonholes from the other day).

Have a lovely day everyone.  Don’t forget to bring your Trash ‘n Treasure (Shop) items tomorrow, with pricetags.  Make the highest price about $1.00.

Mrs Veary 

Kitchen Garden Planting

Here is a Photopeach slideshow made by Meg, Heidi and Ayla as Dolphinkids reporters about our first Kitchen Garden Planting in our Room 6 garden bed.   Great job, girls!  🙂  

PS. I love your choice of music to go with your slideshow story  😎

Planting In Our Patch on PhotoPeach

Have you filled a bucket today?

Now that we know how to recognise our emotions and the emotions of other people, we need to work on how to be positive, helpful and kind to ourselves and to others.


We are going to listen to Carol McCloud’s book being read to us on YouTube and then we will brainstorm ways to fill people’s buckets.

Challenge:  Google search “Have you filled your bucket?” and then you can look down to see “People also ask…”  Here you can read a quick summary of what bucket filling is, what bucket dipping is and other interesting ideas.

Significant New Structures in Perth

Today in Inquiry Groups you will need to find out about three significant new structures in Perth, W.A.  You need to read carefully through these websites, write dot points into your T-chart (retrieval chart) and collect one good image for each.  Paste the image into a Word document to print out and stick into your retrieval chart.

  1.   OPTUS STADIUM (PERTH STADIUM) – (Challenge: see if you can find a picture of the pedestrian bridge they are building right now too!  You might also find out what stadium they used to play at in Perth before this was built…)
  3. ELIZABETH QUAY – (Challenge: see if you can find a plan or map of this area (precinct) too.  See if you can find a picture of what was there before [hint: Riverside Drive…gardens…]

Have fun finding out and you might even have visited some of them when you’ve been to Perth!  😎


Zones of Regulation – Managing your Emotions

On Friday we talked about using the Zones of Regulation to help self-regulate to manage our emotions and our acceptable behaviours in different situations. Using the same language at school and at home could be very helpful for some students and some parents, so please feel welcome to read on and borrow the terms.

Remember the colours of the zones…?  We all go through most of the different zones at different times and that’s okay.  What is important though is that:

  • we can recognise what zone we are in at the time
  • we don’t just stay in that zone (unless it is the green zone)
  • we can use our tools to move through that zone to reach the GREEN ZONE.

This coming week we will be learning about the tools we can use to move out of the Blue, Yellow or Red zones and into the Green Zone.  You can see from this poster that the Green Zone has all the good feelings in it.  That’s where we all would really like to be for most of the time!

So, check in each morning and see which zone you are in and then work out what you need to do to get into the Green Zone.

We have another exciting and fun-filled week ahead for us, people!  We will be listening to presentations of the Scavenger Hunt too, so come prepared to listen well and/or speak clearly.

Mrs Veary 🙂


Skate Park Immersion Visit by Alexis Sartitsis

This visit by Lucy’s dad was a big success and has got us all ready for our excursion on Thursday.  Make sure you have brought back your permission form and Health form.  We will also be visiting the old Cultural Centre to hear about their plans for the new HEART project.  We will need to leave straight away to walk there so bring your sneakers, hats and sunscreen and let’s get ready quickly on Thursday morning.

It’s very exciting and you can read about his visit by clicking on the link below.


Merit Certificates


to those students who have received


To Oscar for being such a kind and enthusiastic student.  You give careful thought to all your tasks.  You show a good sense of humour and you offer valuable feedback to your peers.  You add “that special something” to our class, Oscar!   🙂

To Lawsen for settling into your new school so well and for your wonderful enthusiasm for learning!  Keep it up!  🙂

To Jai for the positive way you approach all tasks; ready to have a go and give it your best effort.  I love your original artwork and creative thinking in STEM activities.  Way to go!  🙂

To Meg for entertaining us with your creative flair for writing.  You have a unique imagination and good written expression.  I love the way you put your head down and get lost in the writing process, Meg.  Way to go!  🙂

To Lucy for being a responsible and enthusiastic class member, always giving of your best and sharing your ideas in class discussions.  Thank you for being “Miss Lucy” and helping to sign off reading in the mornings.  You have been an asset to our class, Lucy!  🙂

Great job, everybody!  We value your contribution to our class!  😎 Mrs Veary