Our Kitchen Garden Bed

First we did a tour around the kitchen garden. Next we saw the chickens and compost. After that we dug some holes and planted some seeds, plants and veggies. We did lots of planting.

We planted:

  • broad bean seeds
  • carrot tape seeds
  • strawberry plants
  • beetroot seedlings
  • lettuce seedings

Lastly, we watered the plants with worm wee.

Written by Matilda L.

Henry also wrote a report for our website.

At first we had a really good look around the kitchen garden.  Then we flipped the soil really well to mix it.  People came up with seeds and we made holes and put the seeds in.  We put in carrots, broad beans and some lettuce.  We put fences up for the rabbits.  We put other seeds in too and watered them.  Now we have to grow them…

Written by Henry

Since then our garden has just grown and grown and we have had our gardeners: Isaac, Callum and Henry down there adding more and more plants to our patch.  Watch this space for updated photos.  🙂  (Mrs Veary)

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