Good morning everybody and welcome to your relief teacher for the day!  🙂  Here is your work for the day.  Please help your teacher by showing him or her the Maths Modules we use in rotating groups with teacher (they are in a bundle on my desk with a lacky around them and you will see a yellow, blue, purple etc. piece of card separating the different maths groups’ booklets.)

This morning instead of ROTATING MATHS GROUPS, we will be doing whole class activities, so you all need to work thoughtfully and do your best work without disturbing other who might take a little longer at the task than you.  Fast Finishers: you can go on the computers ONLY to finish all your tasks ON STUDYLADDER!!  Wordsleuth experts (Luca and Luca), can you please show your teacher and make a wordsleuth for ALL OF THE CLASS TO DO, using these words – then print 22 copies. This wordsleuth is for any fast finishers and if there is spare time during the day!  Great challenge people!

Here are the words:

places             celebrations               temperatures              weather               climate

forecast         tropical                        temperate                   polar                   equator  arid                 desert                          culture                        zones                  people population     languages                    currency                    neighbouring      Australia        countries                      inquiry                       multiplication

That should make a challenging wordsleuth for everybody to do later today – using all the words from our inquiry: Places Near and Far.  😎


9 – 11: FITNESS – your choice but students might show you Heroes or Tepees out on the oval

MATHS – 1. ALL STUDENTS TO DO THE TEST (back two pages of their MULTIPLICATION MATHS MODULE) – which are on my desk as explained above – coloured card indicates different maths groups and in a bundle on my desk.

MATHS – 2. AREA DICE GAME – students played this yesterday in pairs.  The dice and gameboards (A3 sheets with gameboards coloured in texta at various stages – names on each) should be on my desk under the window or on little table next to my desk near flowers….just have a look.  They all know how to play using multiplication.

INQUIRY – MUDMAPS   All students need to draw a mudmap of their home and neighbourhood which will go onto their MY PLACE SHEETS.  Today get students to draw their mudmaps in pencil first – size is important! as they need to fit onto the final 2-page spread we are creating – so please give out half an A4 sheet of paper!   Go over what they look like in MY PLACE the book – look on my desk and talk to students ( I have their booklets with me unfortunately, to mark) – X to mark their place and labels to indicate what is around them and any interesting facts.  When you are happy with them, they need to use colour to make them good copies.  Discuss using a key or legend.   This is a task which will show what they have learned and needs to be done with thought and care.


After recess please check when but there will be a Year 3 Presentation Assembly practice in the undercover area.  Students need to line up in their pairs as practised from shortest to tallest (they know who their partners are) and you will be leading in after room 5 and before room 7.  I am sorry I am not there for it but do a really good job!

Depending on how long this takes, finish mudmaps or practise song (using Dolphinkids) and the Smartboard Monitors will set this up for the class.

LUNCH – Duty in Forest area first lunch


Last ten minutes after packing up for LOTE, sing the song one more time and

REMINDERS:  Tomorrow is your Year 3 Presentation Assembly and you need to come to school looking your best – uniform, hair etc, so plan your shoes, clothes and get a good night’s sleep.   🙂


Have a great day everybody and I will try to put up the PODCAST later this morning, so check back in to listen after recess!   (Hit the refresh button).

Mrs Veary 😎



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