Triathlon Success for Lottie and Shiloh

Both Lottie and Shiloh participated in the Year 3 Triathlon event earlier this term.  Here are two reports written by them to let you know what it was like!  

Editor’s note: My apologies to both Lottie and Shiloh.  This post was created and has been sitting unnoticed, waiting for the photos to be published.  It was a job well done, girls (both the racing and the writing) – thank you for sharing the experience!  Mrs Veary

On Friday the 25th of August 2017 I went to Triathlon, but I forgot my bathers and my bike. It was disappointing. Then my mum came and brought them.

Everyone had to do swimming first. All the Year Threes had to go last at swimming. The Year 5s and Year 6s had to do two laps of everything, except bike riding. We had to jump in the water then start doing freestyle, get out then put on our shoes and put our helmets on, then run with our bikes until a certain point. There we had to get on our bikes, go to the BMX track, then come back. I accidentally skipped the BMX track but I kept riding to the end. After we had ridden our bikes, we had to run around the oval near the Rec Centre before we had to run through the park. At the end of the park there was a big inflatable balloon, which we had to run under to get our medals.

It was my first experience of Triathlon. It was very exciting and I came third out of all the Year Threes!

Written by Shiloh

My Big Day at Triathlon

On Friday we had Triathlon and we had to train every Friday for it. But on the day we had to bike ride, run and swim. We lined up in groups and when Charlie blew the whistle, we set off and ran into the water and swam around. Then we hopped out and started running around to our bikes. We got our shoes on and got on our bikes and rode off as fast as we could. We had to follow the Mums and Teachers’ hands for directions. When we finished riding we hopped off our bikes and put it in our base. We ran across the oval. I ran to the finish line and that was the end of my first Triathlon.

Written by Lottie Wood

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