Welcome to Room 6 everybody! 😆

This is your very own classroom website.  This is the place where we will go to get special instructions and to find links to websites that we may need to use.

It is also a special place for you to visit from home to post a comment or to use some of the games and activities I will put up for you.  First we will be investigating our school’s values as part of our EQ Inquiry and then we will move on to our history inquiry this term which is Significant Structures – Local and Global.  

We are going to have a fabulous year of fun and learning!!  

Mrs Veary  🙂

2 thoughts on “WELCOME TO ROOM 6!

  1. dawnvea09 says:

    Hi Tilly

    That’s very exciting. Look forward to hearing all about your discoveries on Monday.
    Mrs Veary 😎

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