Daily Workpad for Thursday 12 April

Dear Room 6 and Relief Teacher for today –

Here is the work for today.

9:00  Students who go to Macqlit go down to Nicole until 10:00; rest of students do News and then do Maths sheets (printed out by Ms Macaulay).  This is refreshing what you did yesterday using strategies for simple addition and subtraction facts.  (I suggest all students tackle pages with 2 suns and reward is the page with 1 sun. Please mark it together.)

10:00  MUSIC

RECESS – Autumn Fair until close to lunch

1:50  USSR and anybody publishing work or writing can do that then too.

2:10  Use Maths Groups Roster to do short rotations:  1- Studyladder on computers  2 – Get Grammar and Language books from pigeonholes and complete pages 28, 29, 30 (I think….check which ones we marked with a cross the other day) about using apostrophe to show contractions; 3 –  Get them to read their expositions they wrote about toys to the group and discuss how convincing they may have been or where they could improve.  (These are in their Draft Writing Books in pigeonholes from the other day).

Have a lovely day everyone.  Don’t forget to bring your Trash ‘n Treasure (Shop) items tomorrow, with pricetags.  Make the highest price about $1.00.

Mrs Veary 

Kitchen Garden Planting

Here is a Photopeach slideshow made by Meg, Heidi and Ayla as Dolphinkids reporters about our first Kitchen Garden Planting in our Room 6 garden bed.   Great job, girls!  🙂  

PS. I love your choice of music to go with your slideshow story  😎

Planting In Our Patch on PhotoPeach