Talking to Heidi

Hey everyone it’s me Heidi right now I’m in Nottingham it’s so cold here.ln the morning we went to see a statue of a really famous person called Robin Hood and 2 really old pubs. The first calls Ye olde trip to Jerusalem and it got build in 1189. The orher pub is called Ye olde salutation inn 1240 and legend says it’s a haunted.

6 thoughts on “Talking to Heidi

  1. room 6 says:

    hi Heidi,
    we all really miss you especially me because I had to do my Big Question by myself.
    hope your having a good time travelling.

    From room 6

  2. Charli says:

    hi Heidi this is Charli i miss you so much and so do all the rest of the class mostly ivy on her big question but it came to a end there was a awesome video for you and ivy miss you hope to see you next year byyyyyyyy

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