Daily Workpad for Friday 30 August

Welcome to our relief teacher for today!!  Room 6 and I hope you have a great day with us. 🙂

Our timetable for today is already written up on the small whiteboard next to this smartboard.  Here are some things to note.

  1.   BANK BOOK MATHS – Students need to get out their bankbooks and put them on their desks.  They place their blocks (5c per block) on their desk too (organised into tens and ones), then write in the number.  Do the maths – blocks x 5c = $…  Then add any cash below it if they have money from reading, then carry final amount for each line in the bankbook to the right hand side running total column.  Next line write down any voucher they want to purchase (shopping list on back of bankbook) and do the maths.  TEACHER to sign and confirm maths calculations – TEACHER to give out vouchers (they are in a big plastic bag on left hand side of my desk).  Students keep vouchers and tender them after lunch or when you give time to use them.
  2.  FATHERS DAY CARD – writing  Students have written in their draft writing books about why Dad is special – teacher to quickly mark for spelling and punctuation.  Teacher to give out custom sized card for good copy to go on and we will stick that inside “shirt card”.  You will note that I was working on this on my desk – card is there and a sample finished card product is there but you will need to cut up a few pieces of card on my desk for students to use.  This will be stuck into their shirt card later.
  3. FINISHING OFF THE SHIRT AND TIE CARD – Yesterday students made their origami shirt and tie card and today they get to decorate and complete it.  You will need to bring up “Dolphinkids” class website and watch the youtube clip – making a shirt card to see how to draw the Superman logo on the inside top of the card – good listening skills needed here and to have a go.  They can do it on separate paper first then stick it on…  It’s a bit tricky but with help, all can do it and it’s not meant to look perfect, just similar and recognisable as the logo.  Show them how to write DAD above it and the byline below (on video).  Then stick their card (good copies from above) on the inside bottom of card, fold up and decorate their tie in footy colours or something meaningful to their dad – then please help them to just add a dab of glue under topknot of tie to attach it to the card.  You could get them to fold up an A3 piece of paper and make an envelope for their card… then put it into their reading folder in their bags for safe keeping until Sunday.
  4. WEIR RUN – If it is on you will need to gather in undercover area after recess.  You will need to take blue folder on shelf next to my desk with Health Forms in it – and your job when you all reach the weir is to stand at the beginning of the track and monitor students and stop them when time is up.  Zoe and Reef need to fetch their asthma packs from Office to accompany them on the run.  NOTE: Fynn’s Mum, Erika, will be coming on the run too and possibly Julia (Kesava’s Mum) and Lisa (Beau’s nan).
  5. If run is called off due to weather, then start with the Father’s Day activity to ensure it is completed today.
  6. If no run, there will be time for a comprehension activity – colour sheets dreamtime story on my desk.  Students to work on a piece of lined paper and write names on all their work.  There are also Thinkers Keys workbooks in pigeonholes near door entry and they are finishing off Blast Off The Moon retrieval charts/comprehension (on my desk with lacky around them)…lots to go on with.
  7. BEHAVIOUR – blocks are our reward currency for good work, good listening, good following instructions and for being a good person in our classroom – helping others and being kind.
  8. NOTE: Fynn is working on a visual timetable and there are folders on my desk on right hand side.  He gets visual t/t and one folder at a time to complete and show you before he can have his reward.  (He is not working on the class timetable or doing the card – and has already had an opportunity to create the origami objects following the directions).  Any problems, see Kelly Brierty in the office.  She will come down if Fynn does not follow your directions, but he must complete the task you set to go to recess or lunch or have been actively working on it.  Go Fynn!  You are getting really good at this timetable and please show your relief teacher how it works.  Remember to set the timer and have a good day!
  9. Beau – please show your teacher today how helpful and kind you can be and how you are now able to get on with your tasks and do a good job.  I love the way you have been sitting on the mat this week! 🙂 Remember: You don’t need to worry about family the way you have been because this one is for your father – so just enjoy it and create something special for him!
  10. iPads – Don’t worry if you only have 5 iPads.  I brought one home last night to play around with some apps, so it is safe.

Have a great day, everybody!  Remember to

DO SOME FUNDRAISING THIS WEEKEND as the Fun Run is next week Friday!!

Mrs Veary 😎

Macroinvertebrates – Our Science Field Trip

On Wednesday we did not meet Ms Frizz and the Magic School Bus, but we did go on a Science Field Trip and we did go in a school bus!

We are going to be using the data we collected to write in our Science journals and work out how healthy our waterways really are.

Here are some photos from our excursion and a big thank you to our parent volunteers who came along as team leaders.  😎 and to Michelle Keppel from Nature Conservancy for organising this fun scientific field trip.


Lego News from Fynn!

Fynn has shown his special talent and enthusiasm for building stunning Lego models, all on his own, following complicated plans and step-by-step instructions.  I have appointed him our Room 6 Lego Expert and he is going to share with us on Dolphinkids, some of his favourite Lego builds.  This is Fynn’s first Lego Expert Report.

This is the Land Bounty.  It has taken me two days to complete.  I love making Lego because it makes me happy.  I like putting all the pieces together, playing with it and looking at it when it’s on my shelf.

Written by Fynn W.


This week we will be learning all about the moon.  We’ll look at what the Moon looks like from the Earth and then what it is like to actually visit the Moon too.  Mankind first stepped onto the Moon in 1969 and it was the first time humans had stood on another body in space that was not Earth!  This year in July it was 50 years since man first walked on the moon 🙂

For Inquiry we will be watching some of these websites and videos together, but you can visit the websites below (in red) and watch the video if you need to, to complete your worksheet on PHASES OF THE MOON.

THE EARTH AND BEYOND is a site where you can read all about the different shaped moons we see in the night sky at different times.  You can also read lots more moon facts there (and look around using the links).  There is an excellent animation of the PHASES OF THE MOON there.

COOL FACTS ABOUT THE MOON – is a kid-friendly site with interesting facts and phases of the moon explained.

and the original NASA footage of the actual landing!