Hugh – Why Dogs Make Better Pets than Cats!

Wow!  We have been learning how to write a persuasive text or EXPOSITION, but Hugh wrote a really impressive exposition about why dogs make better pets than cats.  Listen to his reasons here and you will see how he used humour and strong convincing language and examples  to persuade us to see his point of view!  Fantastic work, Hugh!

You have read your exposition with so much expression, Hugh, that we can’t help but agree with you!

Mrs Veary 8:)


Introducing the Global Goals

At Margaret River Primary School we are committed to learning about and caring about the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development that the United Nations (the World) have agreed to work towards.

Every one of our inquiries will be focused around one or more of these goals.  They are goals which will help to make our world a better place and a safer and healthier planet way into the future.  Each one of us needs to learn about these goals and try to do our little bit to help meet these goals by 2030!

So what are these goals? What do each of them mean? Watch this video to find out more.

and just what does Sustainable or Sustainability actually mean? Click on this link to read a definition to understand it.

What we have to do now is:

  1. Understand what the goals are
  2. Think about simple things we can do that will help
  3. Remember that we all have to work together to achieve these goals for our world.


“The Sky Ladder” written by Zoe

Here are Zoe’s pictures to go with her story, which she is reading using beautifully fluency and expression.  Listen for the different voices and expression she uses.

What an exciting story, Zoe!  I got really caught up in the action and intrigue!  Mrs Veary

Press the arrow to start listening, then scroll down through Zoe’s pictures.

Zoe did such a fantastic job!  It would be great if people could post a comment to tell her what you liked about her story.  🙂




Persuasive Argument #2 – This week’s writing task

Today we will be writing our second exposition!  I gave you a lot of help to show you jus how to set out an exposition and how to include these criteria:

  • REASONS 1, 2, 3
  • include facts or examples for each reason
  • 5 paragraphs
  • using strong persuasive language to convince your reader

Today you will be planning your own reasons for this weeks topic:

Expositions or Persuasive Arguments

This week we have had our first practice at writing an exposition or persuasive argument.  You used your planner and today you had a go at writing your introduction into your draft writing books.  Tomorrow we will be going over the criteria for an exposition and some examples to give you a better idea of what we are aiming for.








These are all helpful video clips to give you some ideas when writing a persuasive text.

Let’s see just how convincing you can be! 🙂
Mrs Veary


We are learning about grid references [A1, B3, E5]. We will be looking at grids and working out their co-ordinates.  First we will look at Maths Dictionary for Kids – C for co-ordinates to see which letter or number comes first.  [Challenge question: which is the X and which is the Y axis?]

Then we will be learning how to play battleships with our partners.  When you have played a game with a partner, you can have a go at playing the on-line game below.

BATTLESHIPS – a game to check your grid references.    You need to call out the grid reference before you bomb it.  🙂