Adding Two-digit Numbers

In Rotating Maths Groups today, with Teacher you will be working on NA10 – written strategies for addition.

When you need to add two digit numbers, sometimes you have to regroup to bridge ten.   This activity shows you how, using MABs.


Now you should be able to use this  (and remember our Cheat Sheet) or Tens Frames to solve any addition problems.   😆

Reconciliation – Sorry Day

This week is Reconciliation Week where we all try to work together to forgive the past and live in harmony in Australia.  (reconciliation is to “restore friendly relations”)

National Sorry Day is a day when we pause to remember the Stolen Generations of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

This is a video clip of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologising to the “Stolen Generation” in the spirit of reconciliation.  It was 10 years ago that this apology was made by our then prime minister.


Today, we will be decorating hands to display with the rest of the school’s hands to show our understanding of Sorry Day.  We are putting out our hands in friendship and support.

National Sorry Day is held on May 26 every year to recognise and acknowledge the Stolen Generations.

Design and Technology – Famous Structure Constructions

Congratulations!  NAPLAN is now over for two years for you all!  🙂

Today we started our Planner for our constructions and you have probably chatted to your parents about the model you want to make of your chosen famous structure.  You will need to start collecting recycled materials (cardboard, paper, newspaper…) for next week Friday when we have our big construction morning!

Here are a few famous structures for you to look at and be inspired:


Tomorrow we will be drawing our design plans and writing our list of materials we will need to collect.  Good luck!  Mrs Veary 😎



Today there is an Anzac Ceremony in the undercover area because Anzac Day will be during the holidays.  Our guest speaker will talk about what Anzac Day means to Australians and what the Anzac legend is.

Back in class as you watch the powerpoint on Anzac Day look for things which will help us to understand what Australians need to remember on that day.  Anzac Day is on the 25th April every year.  ANZAC stands for:






SIMPSON AND HIS DONKEY – on this Anzac website you can read all about Simpson and his bravery.  This statue stands outside the War Memorial in Canberra.

simpson and his donkey

Here is a news clip from England from Simpson’s home town which explains the story of his bravery.

Now you will be writing down his story on your sheet.  [It’s a great and moving story.]

As you listen and read information on these websites, think about the true meaning of Anzac Day for Australians, so that you can talk about this on the real Anzac Day during the holidays.


CHALLENGE: – Try and find out what wars Australian soldiers are fighting in right now?

Daily Workpad for Thursday 12 April

Dear Room 6 and Relief Teacher for today –

Here is the work for today.

9:00  Students who go to Macqlit go down to Nicole until 10:00; rest of students do News and then do Maths sheets (printed out by Ms Macaulay).  This is refreshing what you did yesterday using strategies for simple addition and subtraction facts.  (I suggest all students tackle pages with 2 suns and reward is the page with 1 sun. Please mark it together.)

10:00  MUSIC

RECESS – Autumn Fair until close to lunch

1:50  USSR and anybody publishing work or writing can do that then too.

2:10  Use Maths Groups Roster to do short rotations:  1- Studyladder on computers  2 – Get Grammar and Language books from pigeonholes and complete pages 28, 29, 30 (I think….check which ones we marked with a cross the other day) about using apostrophe to show contractions; 3 –  Get them to read their expositions they wrote about toys to the group and discuss how convincing they may have been or where they could improve.  (These are in their Draft Writing Books in pigeonholes from the other day).

Have a lovely day everyone.  Don’t forget to bring your Trash ‘n Treasure (Shop) items tomorrow, with pricetags.  Make the highest price about $1.00.

Mrs Veary