Today we learned how important it is to recognise and understand what we are feeling and why.  Here is a photo of everybody in the circle, getting ready to share.

You all did a great job with your feelings faces and here they are.  See if you can work out the feeling from the face and the expression on the real face.

Great job, everybody and Ms Miller.  🙂

Mrs Veary


Ellensbrook Homestead Visit

What a fabulous excursion it was!   Here are some of the top drawings some of you did in your booklets.  They were so good I just had to publish them here.  Enjoy…


Mrs Veary 🙂


This morning you will be learning another strategy to do subtraction.  We will be counting on to take away by finding the DIFFERENCE between the two numbers using the empty number line.

  •  We will be playing a game called CONVICT COUNT ON to explain how this strategy works in a fun way.
  • You can have a go on your own later or at home to use the strategy online with this SUBTRACTION ON A NUMBER LINE activity.  You can change how big the numbers are that you have to subtract and you can actually see the jumps.

You can also watch a couple of videos I made of this lesson, using an Empty Numberline to count on and count back to subtract.  You can find it on Dolphinkids by following these instructions:

This makes subtraction SO EASY!  🙂

Let me know how you go.

Mrs Veary


Good morning everybody.  I am sorry that I am unwell and I have lost my voice so I won’t see you today, but I know that you will work your hardest and show great manners today for your relief teacher and Ms Miller.

Morning Session: 9:00 to 11:00

MATHS: A3 Place Value Maths Test (Ms. Miller will get the sheet from Mrs Downing or another Year 3 teacher to photocopy)
(40 mins limit)  This is testing your understanding of Place Value and stretching numbers into ones, tens, hundreds and thousands.  Try your best and do this at separate desks (caves) so that you can show what YOU know.  All the Year 3s will be doing this activity so we can see what you have learned.

Spelling Test and hand in Contract #5
You need to show Ms Miller and your relief teacher how you do this.  Remember to use your green spelling test book in your spelling folders, test on all 25 words, then hand the books in for the teacher to mark and keep until next week.  Then you need to collect all 5 activities (or more) and put them into your contract #5, hand it in and have it stapled by the teachers. S

Ms. Miller has a fun activity for you today where you will be practising your ball skills.  Remember 😎 that you need to practise good sportsmanship here too and play as a team using co-operation.  Those values are important when working inside and outside the classroom.   🙂


11:25 to 12:55 – FINISH OFF TIME (Ms Miller to lead this)

You will be finishing off two activities from this week:
1. SCIENCE doing the written part of your observations from your chocolate experiments yesterday.  A good scientist always measures carefully, observes and then comes to a conclusion about the experiment.  You will be reflecting on what you saw happen and FAIR TESTING, then thinking about what might have changed the way your experiment worked out… (for example, stirring…did it make a difference to the size of the chocolate?…)

2. WRITING – Ms Miller will be talking about the Open Studios brochure/catalogue and setting some criteria for how to read the information and what we expect from you when writing your response paragraph.   


INQUIRYBIG QUESTION – FINDING OUT  You all know what to do here and by now everybody should have worked out just what they have to know.  By the end of today’s session you will all have to show what you have written down or the facts you have found because we only have another day or two to gather information before we start writing up our charts for our celebration.  Please ask for help a.s.a.p. if you are finding it difficult to get facts.

[Ryan, Baigh and Isaac – stick to answering the questions we worked out yesterday; Rory and Mason – finish writing up questions for our e-mail]

Have a good day and Luca G., please tell your parents that you will be receiving a merit certificate at Monday’s assembly…..:-)

Mrs Veary 😎


Today you will be watching the powerpoint on Anzac Day to understand what Australians remember on that day.  It is on the 25th April every year.






SIMPSON AND HIS DONKEY – on this Anzac website you can read all about Simpson and his bravery.  This statue stands outside the War Memorial in Canberra.

simpson and his donkey

Here is a news clip from England from Simpson’s home town which explains the story of his bravery.


Now you will be writing down his story on your sheet.  [It’s a great and moving story.]

Yesterday was Anzac Day. As you listen and read information on these websites, think about the true meaning of Anzac Day for Australians. 


CHALLENGE: – Try and find out what wars Australian soldiers are fighting in right now?

Arley Reads Her Humorous Story (Funny Story)

Arley wrote a really funny story about a Smushy Banana.  Here she has read it to us and illustrated her story beautifully.  Listen to her read while you scroll down through the pictures.

Click here to listen  

1. Beginning




Great job at writing with humour (making us laugh), Arley!  🙂