Daily Work Pad for Tuesday

Hi everybody –

Sorry I can’t make it today.  Here is your work for the day.  Welcome to your relief teacher. 🙂

9:00 – 11:00

News – show how you time your news and use real feeling to listen to and thank the speaker.

Inquiry – Students have their Australian Animals booklets on the desk next to mine at the window.  They have picked an animal from the Lucky Dip and written it into their books.  Please talk about the CHACTERISTICS key and what that means and how we FIND OUT about animals using a PBE chart.  [P = physical characteristics; B = behaviour (what they do: move, eat …) and E = environment (where they live, habitat and home)]  Then students find out brief facts about the animal they chose from the lucky dip and write dot points into their booklet in the T-chart provided, to share their findings with the group.  (You will see what they have to do in the booklet.)  Work out what the other animals chosen were, to complete the list.  [DOMINIC will need support, as will Trinity, Jai and make sure Jenna and Lawsen are okay too.]

Maths – Download the attached measuring sheet – comparing animals of the world measured by metres (and show the metre ruler first).

Metre measures for animals of the world-2mic9bv  (note: talk about the number sentence you have to do to answer some of the questions) and please mark together at the end.

Maths for Dominic-2baznjo DOMINIC SHEET to download


11:25 – 12:25

WRITING – using your writing books, rule up a new page and today you will be writing A RECOUNT of your weekend.  Remember the criteria: use Who? When? Where? What? Why? or How? and give descriptive details.  Then give feelings to end it.  Proofread and edit then share.  Journal writing rubric-2c5pdgm  Download this RUBRIC to self-assess too.

12:25 through lunch to 2:20


2:20 – 3:20

READING BOX BLUE – students to fetch the box either from (Room 5) or from the Resource Room.  They have answer booklets in the pigeonholes at the door and mark themselves.  MACQLIT students will be out of the room and DOMINIC will go on computer to Reading Eggs.  He has his log on details.

Have a good day everybody and work hard.  See you all tomorrow.  😉

Mrs Veary

Daily Workpad for Thursday 12 April

Dear Room 6 and Relief Teacher for today –

Here is the work for today.

9:00  Students who go to Macqlit go down to Nicole until 10:00; rest of students do News and then do Maths sheets (printed out by Ms Macaulay).  This is refreshing what you did yesterday using strategies for simple addition and subtraction facts.  (I suggest all students tackle pages with 2 suns and reward is the page with 1 sun. Please mark it together.)

10:00  MUSIC

RECESS – Autumn Fair until close to lunch

1:50  USSR and anybody publishing work or writing can do that then too.

2:10  Use Maths Groups Roster to do short rotations:  1- Studyladder on computers  2 – Get Grammar and Language books from pigeonholes and complete pages 28, 29, 30 (I think….check which ones we marked with a cross the other day) about using apostrophe to show contractions; 3 –  Get them to read their expositions they wrote about toys to the group and discuss how convincing they may have been or where they could improve.  (These are in their Draft Writing Books in pigeonholes from the other day).

Have a lovely day everyone.  Don’t forget to bring your Trash ‘n Treasure (Shop) items tomorrow, with pricetags.  Make the highest price about $1.00.

Mrs Veary 


Good morning everybody.  I am sorry that I am unwell and I have lost my voice so I won’t see you today, but I know that you will work your hardest and show great manners today for your relief teacher and Ms Miller.

Morning Session: 9:00 to 11:00

MATHS: A3 Place Value Maths Test (Ms. Miller will get the sheet from Mrs Downing or another Year 3 teacher to photocopy)
(40 mins limit)  This is testing your understanding of Place Value and stretching numbers into ones, tens, hundreds and thousands.  Try your best and do this at separate desks (caves) so that you can show what YOU know.  All the Year 3s will be doing this activity so we can see what you have learned.

Spelling Test and hand in Contract #5
You need to show Ms Miller and your relief teacher how you do this.  Remember to use your green spelling test book in your spelling folders, test on all 25 words, then hand the books in for the teacher to mark and keep until next week.  Then you need to collect all 5 activities (or more) and put them into your contract #5, hand it in and have it stapled by the teachers. S

Ms. Miller has a fun activity for you today where you will be practising your ball skills.  Remember 😎 that you need to practise good sportsmanship here too and play as a team using co-operation.  Those values are important when working inside and outside the classroom.   🙂


11:25 to 12:55 – FINISH OFF TIME (Ms Miller to lead this)

You will be finishing off two activities from this week:
1. SCIENCE doing the written part of your observations from your chocolate experiments yesterday.  A good scientist always measures carefully, observes and then comes to a conclusion about the experiment.  You will be reflecting on what you saw happen and FAIR TESTING, then thinking about what might have changed the way your experiment worked out… (for example, stirring…did it make a difference to the size of the chocolate?…)

2. WRITING – Ms Miller will be talking about the Open Studios brochure/catalogue and setting some criteria for how to read the information and what we expect from you when writing your response paragraph.   


INQUIRYBIG QUESTION – FINDING OUT  You all know what to do here and by now everybody should have worked out just what they have to know.  By the end of today’s session you will all have to show what you have written down or the facts you have found because we only have another day or two to gather information before we start writing up our charts for our celebration.  Please ask for help a.s.a.p. if you are finding it difficult to get facts.

[Ryan, Baigh and Isaac – stick to answering the questions we worked out yesterday; Rory and Mason – finish writing up questions for our e-mail]

Have a good day and Luca G., please tell your parents that you will be receiving a merit certificate at Monday’s assembly…..:-)

Mrs Veary 😎


Good morning beautiful people and your relief teacher for the day!  I am sorry but I am not well today but I hope to see you all tomorrow again.  Work hard today and here is your work for the day.

Liz will be in first thing 8:30 and she is going to test Harry (if he is there) first.  If she could then test these students:  Oliver, Leroy, Lily F. and Lily H.  Please could you tell her this as she won’t have read this post.
9 – 11  Students go to Phys Ed with Mr Gibbon then Art with Mrs Dornan.  Liz will go with them.  Liz to discuss with Jaiden the Monster Houses which he will draw AFTER RECESS while the others have Maths.  Also Liz to prepare a couple of activities for his work station while she is not in class after recess.
After recess:
Liz goes to Room 4.
NEWS:  Students know how to run this.  Choose 2 people to be timers.
MATHS: Jaiden to draw his Monster House carefully and go over outline in dark pencil when complete.  No colour as we will be doing a wash over it.
MATHS: REST OF CLASS: Students started little workpack “Numbers to 1 000” yesterday.  Today to work on Pages 2, 3 and 5.  Leave page 4 for today.  [bookets are on table next to teacher’s desk.]

LIZ RETURNS ROOM 6 at 12.20.  Liz to prepare edicol dye wash materials for OUTSIDE ONLY on borrowed table from resource room (covered in newspaper) – COLOURS: TURQUOISE BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN (maybe purple and orange)

MONSTER HOUSES: finish drawing them and then go over pencil lines with dark pencil, ready for wash over them after lunch.


STORYTIME – students sit on floor and you read a little from “13-Storey Treehouse”.  (10 mins) while Liz sets up outside for wash.  Jaiden participates in story.
SEND OUT STUDENTS TO DO WASH AS READY (Liz to supervise and maybe Jaiden can help her) – while inside students do their first Thinkers’ Key activity.  (You should find the booklets on my desk or on the desk beside the teacher’s desk).  Your choice which one you choose and explain that these are all about creativity – use lots of colour and labels and detail.  Share in circle with class

Fast finishers: complete and colour your pictures of your “Favourite Room” to go with you story.  (inside your draft writing books) and some (Ruby) will be ready to create their Show Me audio version.  Ruby and Gigi can be expert helpers with this.

(If you finish early you could reward the class for good work with a little game outside…)

Enjoy your day everybody and work hard.  🙂
Mrs Veary


Your daily work for today is as follows:

(After recess)
11:25  WRITING
Students have been examining the Goldilocks story from the point of view of a crime.  Goldilocks now needs to write a letter of apology to the Three Bears for what she has done.  She needs to suggest some way of making up for what she has done.
Discuss ideas – brainstorm.  Discuss the outline and format a writing a letter: headings, etc.  Then write drafts into Draft Writing Books.  We will publish them later on a sheet I have with me.

On my desk are A3 booklets to do with Money and giving change.  Students to finish these activities.  Purple group will definitely need help with concrete materials to give change and count on to the amount tendered.  (Box of Money resources on blue little desk)


SPELLING – Continue with spelling contracts

READING: – Finish Aboriginal Rainbow Serpent story booklets on desk.  Discuss.

END OF DAY – Continue watching WIZARD OF OZ video (in computer at smartboard).  Discuss characters as video progresses.

Mrs Veary   🙂

Daily Work Pad for Tuesday 22 May

Welcome to our relief teacher. Sorry that I am not well but here is your work for the day. 

Please could you send a runner to the other classrooms to collect any more responses for our Cancer Council morning tea tomorrow.  These need to go home with Samara Jackman (or her Mum, Sue Jackman, when she comes in.  She may also bring in the daffodil template and yellow paper for photocopying.  Please could Liz photocopy these for tomorrow.  We will need at least 100 of these, maybe more (check with Sue Jackman).  Thank you.

Please remind everybody now and at the end of the day to bring in their food which has been promised tomorrow morning, and to bring a gold coin donation for our fundraiser!  Thanks.  🙂

We won’t have rotating groups today.

Morning: Liz can take Tom for Mini-Lit from 9 – 10 a.m.  Purple Maths Group you will go on Studyladder and the rest of the class will work on Mental Maths – Week 9 (Wednesday) and only allow 10mins.  Then mark it. 

Maths lesson –  Money Giving Change.  Teacher to model and explain how to give change.  Can use classroom money to work it out.  Fast Finishers to work on Grid Code sheets.  (print and copy the PDFs for Maths).

101Giving Change_0

143Grid Codes

Spelling contract – children to work on next activity and please remind them that this Friday is their spelling test and they will need to hand in a finished contract, so please work hard.  [Liz can help Tom and Kobi get started and their list words are in their books in their folders on the conundrum table.]

Fitness: your choice


INQUIRY:  Lots of finishing off needed today.

1.  finish Mnemonic (and planets with help from teacher as to colours of planets using google on smartboard);

2. Finish Jigsaw – colour and texta and then possibly background colour for display

3. Finish Earth Book definitions and middle of book where they stick in their planets in correct order. (the latter may not be finished and we’ll do it tomorrow).

fast finishers can write about the part of the new classroom that they like best. 




YELLOW BOX READING – get 2 students to fetch it and they know where their booklets are.   POWER GROUP to go onto computers for Reading Eggs.

finish the day either with an outside game or by watching the rest of the Magic School Bus DVD.

Enjoy your day!  🙂

Mrs Veary


Good morning everybody!  I am so sorry but I have a terrible tummy bug and I won’t be in today.  Please make your relief teacher feel welcome and show him or her how you do things.

This morning is Music Count Us In where the whole school will be singing the same song in the undercover area from 9:30 a.m.  To start the day you could link to the school blog here SCHOOL BLOG and practise singing the song together.  (The song track and lyrics are there) before going to the undercover area.  Your choice after you get back – maybe fitness.

After recess the students go to L.O.T.E. (Riley stays with Cathy).  Then you can get students to work in their inquiry groups, continuing to round 2 from yesterday.

DESK – Birthday cake designs (Knights)

Computer – T-chart and picture on back of one of the celebrations (Castles)

Teacher – Cut around outside of Chinese Zodiac chart and look at it and how it works.  Talk about the animals, the Chinese character for each, how to read the year and personality traits.  Then there is a sheet to complete where students identify their Chinese Zodiac sign and write down as indicated… (Jesters)

(The new sheets are on the side table at the window).  Fast finishers can finish off yesterday’s groupwork as we did not have enought time….be great if it could all be finished today, ready for the last group tomorrow).

EXTRAS: Sasha and Tara need to get Podcast 7 going – brainstorming and writing….maybe some recording; They also have one group left to record for dragon descriptions….those are also next to the window; Jude Best (Mum) will be in after lunch to work individually with students in the classroom.

Have a good day everybody!  Sing well and work hard!  I hope to see you all tomorrow.  Mrs Veary 🙂

DAILY WORKPAD for Friday 19 November

Good morning everybody.  🙂  I hope you are working hard and enjoying your Diwali and Asian festivals inquiry activities.  Here is your work for today:

SPORT – Undercover area is free until 9.30 a.m.

SPELLING and language –

Work on your Spelling Contracts and students to take home Blue Books with their own words lists. When finished contracts, students make up Wordsearches on computer,then students can use own words list to break their words into syllables and arrange them in alphabetical order.

MATHS – continue with calendars from yesterday (if not finished) and revise time. Telling time on clocks to the quarter hour (analogue and digital). Use smartboard to play clock game (see Dolphinkids activity  below this post)

JOURNAL WRITING – students to write into their journals (little books on the windowsill) Free choice but suggestions: what they have learned this week in inquiry….? [Shae, Georgia and Brodey need to work on their podcast – writing news for Room 6 which each will speak when recording.]

If possible, Lauren to record her story using front computer and Audacity. Georgia may remember how to do this and the microphone is on my computer table at the windowsill. Save it to i-drive, room 6, podcasts.]


INQUIRY GROUPS – Groups rotate activities from yesterday. Today’s rotation is shown here:Inquiry Rotating Groups 3

SHARING and discussion

LUNCH – 1st duty in Red duty area

TEACHER CHOICE (and some finish-off time for inquiry tasks which are incomplete)

I hope to see you all again on Monday.  Mrs Veary 🙂