Mirror by Jeannie Baker

In this beautiful book without words, we can see two different worlds – each a mirror of the other.

The book is promoted with these words:

This innovative dual-book format, effectively communicates the way people’s experiences and values are shared, despite geographical and cultural differences.

As we read this book together, you won’t have the musical cues of the video to tell you where you are or what to think.  You will need to watch very closely to notice the hidden details (natural features and human features) of each boy’s “PLACE” and we will be discussing how these characteristics of place have affected the children. (Remember we learnt about these characteristics and made a T-chart of them….?)

First: here is the video, and then we’ll read the actual book.

I’m sorry but the copy of the book has disappeared from the library and so we will have to be happy with the idea of the book we’ve gained from these two videos.  From this idea we can clearly get the idea of how each boy’s PLACE and culture has affected daily life.

From what you have seen, try to compare the boys’ lives.  Consider:

  • What was different about the natural features of each boy’s place?
  • How did this change the way they live?
  • What was the same about the human features of each boy’s place?
  • Did this mean that they lived the same way or how was it different?

You are doing such a good job of thinking about Geography and how a place can change people as well as how people can change a place!!