What a busy week we have had!  🙂  You’ve learnt all about comets, asteroids, shooting stars and the different sizes of planets and stars!  Wow!  What an amazing universe we are part of!  8-:


  • This semester you are swopping from Music to Library/Media Studies each Thursday.  Please remember to bring your library bags each Thursday.
  • On MONDAY!!! we start our two weeks of swimming lesson, so remember to bring your swimming gear and a change of clothing and underwear and towel if you come with your bathers on.
  • We will be starting BOOKCLUB again in week 3 on Monday, 31 August.  Thank you to parents who are helping out with this.  This term we want to start ‘gradually releasing responsibility” where we will be training students to take on responsibility during these sessions.  🙂
  • It is still news for everybody each Monday, so come prepared to share something special that is going to or has already happened or something you have researched.  You need to share interesting facts and stories, rather than show and tell about a favourite toy or item.  Please practise at home before coming in so that you are sure of what you will be sharing and can practise expression.  🙂

Have a great weekend !  🙂 Mrs Veary