This morning you will be learning another strategy to do subtraction.  We will be counting on to take away by finding the DIFFERENCE between the two numbers using the empty number line.

  •  We will be playing a game called CONVICT COUNT ON to explain how this strategy works in a fun way.
  • You can have a go on your own later or at home to use the strategy online with this SUBTRACTION ON A NUMBER LINE activity.  You can change how big the numbers are that you have to subtract and you can actually see the jumps.

You can also watch a couple of videos I made of this lesson, using an Empty Numberline to count on and count back to subtract.  You can find it on Dolphinkids by following these instructions:

This makes subtraction SO EASY!  🙂

Let me know how you go.

Mrs Veary


This activity will show you how you can count on to find the answer to a subtraction sum.  Then you can play the game on your own at home.

Using the empty numberline you need to count on from the smallest number.  Add the numbers together to find the answer.  Convict Count On

Use your Empty Numberline to help show the steps.   Can you explain why we are adding to work out a take away sum?


Today you will be solving subtraction story problems.

 1. Read the story.   2. What do you have to find out?          3.  What numbers do you know?  4. Add or take away to find the answer.  WRITE DOWN THE NUMBER SENTENCE AND ANSWER ON THE ANSWER SHEET TO HAND IN.

1. Ned and his bike

2.How many banners?

3.How many students?

4.How many runs?

5.How many candy bars?

6.How many socks?


8.How old…?

9.How many candy bars #2?

10.How many seashells? 

If you got this far working it out on your own, you deserve a fun game.  Enjoy this one: BATTLESHIPS


Practise taking away in these games.  Use your strategies: 1. to count on     2.  to count back     3.  use a number line

Remember to hover your mouse and click for the activity.  Then click out on the cross.  Do these in order.

1.  Target Take-Away use the animation to help when you need it.

2. Minus Mission use the arrow keys to blast the slime drops before they get you by getting the answer correct

3. Subtraction Machinechoose your level (push yourself) and see how well you can score.

3. Speed Subtraction Grid click on 2 numbers that will make the number sentence correct.  Lots of clever mental maths here.