Good Morning Everybody –

Sorry – I am unwell and won’t at school today.  Your work for today is already up on the timetable whiteboard and there is lots for everybody to do.  Welcome to your relief teacher today and you will see that the first thing is Fitness – your choice…

ROTATING MATHS GROUP – then students know how to organise themselves for rotating maths groups.  You need to organise the roster timetable for groups to rotate through: Teacher (using Multiplication Module on my desk – they are colour coded for each Maths Group  wherever they are up to…) NOTE: Asher and Sunny (Purple Group) will need a different activity and please could you give them an activity learning ODD and EVEN numbers – perhaps writing them and then colouring in the odd numbers and then showing them with MAB ones…?    Students can help you do this as Matilda T. can bring up the timer and set it for you on the Smartboard and we have a smartboard monitor to set it up etc.


INQUIRY – This is a continuation of what we have started already.  1. MY PLACE – booklets are on my desk and students are working on their characters…   2.  WEATHER – we’ve watched the videos on Dolphinkids and practised finding out the weather on WillyWeather (link is on Dolphinkids).  Today they need to complete their weather forecast sheet (they are on my desk) and I’ve assigned a town or city to each child to research.


USSR  then sharing or finishing off….then pack up for 2:20 LOTE

Have a good day everybody and I look forward to seeing lots of “weather forecast experts” tomorrow!

Mrs Veary 😎


The Weather…

We have looked at climate and the climatic zones of Australia.  Today we are going to learn more about the weather.

Watch this video clip and notice as many different kinds of weather that you can see.  Write them down on your sheet and we will share your ideas at the end of the video.
WEATHER 101 (National Geographic)

Now that we have discussed the different kinds of weather events we saw, here is a BTN clip to show you how meteorologists (weather scientists) predict the weather.

BEHIND THE NEWS VIDEO CLIP (click on it to start)

Now we will investigate a couple of reliable weather forecasting websites:

You will be researching weather conditions with a partner for your chosen city in Australia. You need to learn how to find out:

  • expected temperature
  • expected weather conditions (sunny, rain, storms…)
  • expected rainfall
  • how to find the average temperatures or weather for this time of year in your place.

Explore these weather sites and have fun working out what weather other people are experiencing just because they are in a different place, with a different climate.  We will be comparing these later on.  😎



Climate and Weather

This video clip is a good introduction to climate and weather.  You need to listen well to work out the difference between them.  Today we are going to learn about the different CLIMATE ZONES OF THE WORLD.  I wonder what climatic zone Margaret River is in…?   See if you can work it out.

Now we are going to work in our booklets to check what we have learned and to see what kind of climate we have in Australia.  😎