Wow!  Your guys rock!  🙂

You were awesome on Friday!  I loved the way you looked like real Australian Animals and you spoke so well, sharing with your parents what you have learned during our inquiry.  I was proud of you all! 

THANK YOU to all parents for coming along to celebrate with your children. Thank you too to Jenny and Megan for the photos – much appreciated. Well done and enjoy the slideshow. 

Mrs Veary 🙂


  1. Deya says:

    Hey Msr.V it’s me Deya,i just wanted to go on the blog.Thanks Bye.

    Hi Deya – Lovely to hear from you. Come and visit the blog any time.
    Mrs Veary 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    That is so good I didn’t know that the slide show would be so good.
    I think it was great I wish we could have a party every day. This blog is so good . I wish I could go on the blog more than I do.Having two teeth out feels so funny I love this blog more than any one else
    love from Emily !!!!!! bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m really glad you could enjoy the blog while you recover. You have been so brave after having your teeth out, Emily. See you tomorrow!!
    Mrs. Veary

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