What an amazing bunch of magicians you are!  I loved your tricks and you ALL performed like very experienced magicians.  You looked at the audience, spoke clearly and confidently and took a lot of trouble over what you would wear to impress your audience.  PP1 students really enjoyed their special preview and I know lots of parents had no idea how you did some of your magic!  Well done.  Enjoy this little slideshow of photos.  A BIG THANK YOU to Lily’s nanna for filming the entire show on her video camera AND burning it to a DVD so that we could all enjoy watching it this morning!  Safe holidays and see you all next term.  Mrs Veary 🙂


herculesYour CREATING inquiry card asks you to use your research on mythical creatures to make a TRADING CARD. This is what you need to do:

  1. Choose 2-3 mythical creatures on your T-chart for your trading cards.

  2. Check that you have its name, its powers, and you have enough information to describe it and what it can do.

  3. Use your INQUIRY BOOK to write your draft for your trading card.  Use good sentences then have it checked by the teacher.

  4. Using your draft, log onto BigHugeLabs by clicking on the link under our websites.  Sign in and make your trading card. 

  5. You may use google images to find a picture for your card.

  6. You will need to save your finished trading card in the folder on the i-drive for Mrs Veary to print out in colour for you later on.

Good luck!


Magic_Show_ICONParents, please put a reminder in your diary or on your calendar that our class Celebration Magic Show will be next week on Thursday at 2.30 p.m.  Invitations will be coming home next week and I’m sure that you will have lots of enthusiastic magicians practising this weekend and scouring the dress-up box for ‘Magicians’ or “Wizard or Sorcerer” outfits.  Students can dress up as a modern magician or an olden days wizard with a wand.  This inquiry has focused on literature and this will be the drama and performance element.  We will rehearse our magic acts on Wednesday afternoon with PP1 as our eager audience.  🙂