News Roster

You guys rock!  I am so pleased with the way everybody is working and taking so much care and effort.  You really did well working independently in reading today!!

This is the NEWS ROSTER in case people forget which day is their news day.  Remember to prepare what you are going to share: Who? When? Where? What? Why?/How? and Feelings.      REMINDER: Library is on Wednesdays!

News Roster 2011

5 thoughts on “News Roster

  1. kate says:

    Hi it’s Kate. I think this website is awsome. I pretty
    much like the games and if I get to call my Dad from
    Perth and tell him all about it and even my mum has got stuck into it, I bet she would say it’s awesome
    and I love my new class and I finally know new people
    like m… I don’t really know (oh just remembered)
    it was Finn Burgess.
    It’s going to be a great year in Year 3, Kate. Mrs Veary 🙂

  2. kate says:

    Dear Mrs. Veary
    I’ve been practising the poem of the year. I will sing it.
    30 days hath September, April, June and November. All the
    rest hath 31 excepting February alone… and I can’t really finish the end but I will get it soon, won’t I?

    from kate and my mum 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Congratulations,Kate!! I am so impressed that you know it this far already. We’ll get the rest this week. Wow! Mrs Veary 🙂

  3. rowel says:

    Hello Mrs Veary. I like the news roster because it is so pretty.
    I agree, Rowel. Mrs Veary 🙂

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