Showtime in Margaret River!

Last weekend I saw a couple of our kids enjoying the show…..

and I was amazed to see Lucy had won a prize for her incredible felt work!


This is a great introduction to our next inquiry as the Show is a celebration of farm life and farm products as well as celebrating our community in Margaret River!  🙂  You can also have a look at the School Blog here to see the post about the show.  You might recognise some people….


What an amazing job you have done on your dragon artworks.  Here we will feature your drawings with your matching description.   Here are the first couple which have been finished.   Well done! 🙂   Now that you know how to create a photostory, you can start using that program at school and at home.

Put up a comment with some positive feedback for what you have heard or seen here…. 🙂  Mrs Veary



Podcast 5

Well, we’ve had to wait to get back to school to listen to this one….  Well done Anabelle, Sasha and Gus  – what a great job you have done!  Thanks to Tara for reading what Jamie wrote – and we look forward to hearing from you next podcast, Jamie.   😆  Mrs Veary



Welcome back everybody!  I hope everyone has had a fabulous holiday and we’ll hear all about it tomorrow. 🙂

Don’t forget to bring in your list of books you’ve read if you have taken on the Reading Challenge! 😆

This term we have a new student in our class.  Her name is Liah and I’m sure you will all look after her and make her feel welcome in Room 6!

We will be finishing our Fairytales and Middle Ages Inquiry in the first couple of weeks as we work on our BIG QUESTION, so come prepared to do lots of research and deep thinking and of course, presenting your findings creatively!  Then we will begin our final inquiry for the year – Celebrations!  

Sleep well and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow, refreshed and full of energy!    🙂


We will be learning a spelling rule each fortnight.  You will need to learn this rule and you will need to be able to explain it to others.  It’s a pretty useful rule to remember too. 🙂


When should I use a ‘c’ or a ‘k’ to start a word?

(a)  When ‘c’ makes the hard ‘k’ sound it is usually followed by ‘a’, ‘o’ or ‘u’

Examples: cat    can    cot    cost    cup    cupboard


(b)  ‘k’ is usually followed by ‘e’ or ‘i’

Examples: key   keep    kept    kiss    kitten    kitchen


Exception: ‘k’ is followed by ‘a’ or ‘o’ when the word is a foreign word used in the English language or for some scientific words

Examples: kaleidoscope     kangaroo and koala (Australian words)

Stick your spelling rule into your Blue Book and Purple Book to learn.


I hope you are all having a great holiday.  🙂

Don’t forget about our reading challenge!


Bronze Certificate – 3 books

Silver Certificate – 4 or 5 books

Gold Certificate –  6 or more books.

(Each ‘book’ equals a chapter book like those you read for home reading.)











Enjoy reading – I do when I’m on holiday! Mrs Veary 😎