Friday’s Work

Good morning everybody!  Today is the last day of this week and a good opportunity to give of your best before the weekend. 🙂

Morning session: Begin with Dodge set up by sports monitors in the undercover area (or teacher choice game).  Then students return to class and teacher administers Spelling Test to all (except Riley).  It is teacher directed and is on my desk.  It is called Student Outcome Spelling.  Please see Guilietta (in Room 7) for the instruction sheet as I have the original with me.  (If we are short of a booklet, please photocopy an extra one).  Please complete the first section – which is pages 1, 2 and 3.  Students will need to have a free drawing activity with them as they will need to wait for others to finish to continue to the next question.

On my desk there are some A4 sheets (or next to window..?) which have a four-square and says My Favourite Celebration.  Have students complete these using bright colours – then use circle time to share and talk about their choices.  (This is part of our immersion into our Celebrations Inquiry.)


fast finish activity – if needed, you can play “Tricky Numberlines” on the Smartboard with the class  – it is a link on the sidebar of this blog under Maths Tools…

Middle Session (after recess): Inquiry Groups.  Same activities as yesterday but groups to rotate.  DESK – will be Castles Group; COMPUTER will be Jesters group (may need to use Smartboard with Cathy leading them); TEACHER will be Knights Group.  They will probably be able to work independently once they know what to do, then you could work with the Jesters Group on the Smartboard….

Fast finishers to complete their other rotation activities so that EVERYBODY has handed in 3 completed activities by the end of the day.

FINAL SESSION (after lunch): continue finish off time as needed.   Then Art activity to focus on the back of the room.  We will be leaving up our dragon as 2012 is the Year of the Dragon.  However, I would like students to look at the Chinese character for Dragon below. 



A few students could draw up their own on A4 sheets to look like calligraphy… for display.  All students to be given an A4 piece of red card.  They will need to draw large scales onto the paper to fill it up.  We are going to use those to create a red thinner body for our dragon to turn it into a Chinese dragon.  The one up now has a European dragon body.  (Check with the library if you have time for the book on Dragons which shows illustrations of different dragons – which they have seen but it will remind them of the different types…)  All students to draw these large scales to fill their sheet (make them large semi-circle scales) and then to go over the pencil with black texta.  [Please check how many will fit across the wall, overlapping.  We may need 2 pages each.]  Cathy knows where my A4 card is – in the cupboard at the back of the room.  Students will have fun with this activity.

Tara and Sasha – you will need to organise Podcast 7 and record the last of the Dragon Photostories today, please.

Mrs Veary 🙂