Meeting Coach Cash

A few weeks ago we met Coach Cash. Coach Cash was talking about saving your money but also spending some on you.

We learnt a rhyme to help us save money.

This is the rhyme:

Spend some on you and save some too!

That rhyme is to do with your pocket money.

 We did some activities as well:

  1. We had to save up $100 in 10 weeks by doing chores for Coach Cash.

  2. We had to listen to the time travelling whistle which was going back into the Middle Ages and seeing what money was like then.

  3. We also learnt about the internet and how the bank and an ATM use the internet. Archie and Dane volunteered to help out in this one.

  4. We did Money Olympics by getting split into groups and using our money well.

I loved it and I think we all learnt a lot.

Did we learn a lot?