Kyron came back to school and told us all about his visit to Perth to see the GIANTS!  😎

082 (Small)

He showed us some of his photos and a few video clips.  These are the photos we chose and Kyron has worked really hard at home and written this to tell us about the visit.  Great job, Kyron!  🙂 (Mrs Veary)

Last weekend Noah, Mum and I went to Perth to see the Giants.  The Giants are really big puppets and they did allsorts of different things.

The giant diver came first, then a boat brought a young girl puppet.  She did a dance and some Aboriginals blessed her and the diver.  At the end of the story the girl Giant fell asleep on her uncle, the diver’s lap.

We had lots of fun at the show on Mum’s birthday.

069 (Small)

097 (Small)

071 (Small)

129 (Small)

Well done, Kyron!  🙂


WELCOME TO ROOM 6 for 2015!

This is your very own classroom website called Dolphinkids!  This is a place where you can go at school and at home to see what we’re doing and play games.  It’s our own special place on the internet.  You need to remember the address and put it on favourites as you can’t google it, but you need to type in the address yourself.

Welcome to Year 3!  Our inquiry this term is “Celebrate Australia” and there will be  heaps to find out about our country and our flag and traditions!

Mrs Veary 🙂