Melting Moments

melting moments picture (Small)You all worked really well in Science today.  I loved some of your wonderings:

I wonder how long it would take to melt hail? (Oliver)

I wonder how long it would take to freeze jelly?  (Oliver)

I wonder why ice-cream is soft but not like ice in the middle when it’s frozen? (Izzy)

Can hair or meat melt? (Georgie)

What is the hottest something can get when melting? (Sajer)

I wonder how things like butter can melt in a pantry? (Charlotte)

What is the lowest temperature that can melt something? (Robbi)

If you freeze softdrink and melt it halfway, would it be chunky? (Millie)

I wonder what it would look like when plastic melts, and what temperature does it burn at? (Jase)

How long would it take to freeze a banana? (Lazane)

Could lava turn one ice-block into water in two seconds? (Sam)

I wonder why candles melt when you light them? (Grace)

Can a pencil freeze solid?  How long will it take? (Seb)

How does hail freeze? (Kyron)

I wonder if ice-cream could go so solid that you can’t bite into the ice-cream? (West)

Would a banana skin freeze? (Sunny)

I wonder what would happen if you froze a real human being? (Alana)

Don’t forget to start your science observations at home soon and make drawings and notes of what you see.  You need to collect it all and put it together in an interesting way to present to the rest of the class in week 7 to show what you found out about ‘melting’ and things becoming “Run, run, runny!”.

Mrs Veary 🙂