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Hi everybody.  Sorry that I won’t see you all today, but show your relief teacher how you do things and have a good day.  This is what your day should look like:

9 – 11 session:

NEWS – stand up, hand up, pair up.   (students know how to do this and choose one student to be the timer)

WRITING = Discuss the book “Sam and Grace” then write 8-10 lines using really good and descriptive words in your sentences to summarise what the story was about.  (Students have A3 sheets – “Local Historical Incident” on my desk which they have started and now need the writing.)  Share your work.

INQUIRY – When you are finished, go on and finish your drawing of your favourite part of the story and colour it in for display.

Fast finishers can go on computers and research other shipwrecks off our coast or interesting boating incidents from the past.  NOTE: You will need to see Sam to see how to write up what you are searching for in your Inquiry book (on the side where you do your inquiry cards).   Try “Lovespring” at Hamelin Bay and there was an American boat chase off Redgate Beach long ago.  See what you can find out.

OR  those who have their Science presentation work can go on with that using the computers to make their powerpoints.  🙂

MATHS – There are some problem-solving sheets on my desk under the window.  Use the “Shaking in the Sand….” sheet to quickly discuss and work out how to try and solve it.  Discussion and sharing then put into Maths spirals.


ART after recess – it was a swop from sport on Thursday as they are going to swimming.  So, d.o.t.t. time.  (Please let Jonelle know as it’s a timetable change which she may be unaware of.)

12.25 SPELLING –  Work on your spelling contracts and show the teacher your first page of Look,Cover…. to mark before you go on, to check that you have all the correct spellings for your 25 words.

LUNCH – students don’t need to change early today as they will only be going swimming after lunch this week, NOT during lunch.  (Please let them know about the change.  They need to be dressed for swimming by the end of lunch as you wll be leaving for the bus by 2pm.)

2pm – Line up for the bus and swimming (you will get back by 3:10pm)

Enjoy your day everybody and remember to work on your Science presentations for Wednesday!!

[Message to Relief Teacher: I hope you have an awesome Monday in Room 6!  Most bundles of work I’m holding should be on the front of my desk under the window….Students should set up computers and Smartboard for you as they have jobs….. NOTE: Please check with Mr Mainard about getting a new lamp and getting the Smartboard working again.  Thank you.  🙂  ]

Mrs Veary 🙂



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