Library Timetable

Starting next week Monday, students will be responsible for book borrowing from the Library before school.  Students will need to bring their library bags on the same day as they have news.  They will go up to the Library before school and choose a new book to borrow for the week.  This is really going to show how responsible you have all become!

Reminder of News Days:

MONDAY:  Kacey, Sonny B., Sunnee W., Tori, Gigi and Jaiden

TUESDAY: Oliver, Roka, Natalia and Riley

WEDNESDAY: Dlveen, Sophia, Rowley and Leroy

THURSDAY: Lily F., Lily H., Josie and Harry

FRIDAY: Kai, Ethan, Jarrah and Ruby.

Please note that as the Library will be closed on Friday mornings, Friday people will be spread out over the week, starting with Kai (Monday), Ethan (Tuesd….) etc.

Mrs Veary 😎

Scavenger Hunt Turns up Treasures

CONGRATULATIONS!!!   This week we had so many Scavenger Hunts returned and I was blown away by the interesting facts different students had found out.  Thank you to all parents for taking this opportunity to share this learning experience with your child in a fun and real life way.  I hope you learned some secrets from the past too.  🙂

Students are working on sharing their findings.  We all enjoyed watching some amazing powerpoints they brought in.  Today students learned the basics of creating a powerpoint and next week they should be able to finish their own powerpoints of local historical structures with the criteria:

  • at least one slide per place,
  • heading,
  • photo or photos, and
  • at least 2 good facts.

Other students are creating posters on card displaying their photos with headings and facts.  Great work everybody!!  😎

Here is a photo Oliver’s Mum shared with us of the underground cellar at Voyager Estate.  Thank you Charlotte.  🙂

voyager cellar