Chance and Probability – dice and spinners

In Maths we can clearly work out how likely it is that you will get a particular number when you throw a dice or when you spin a spinner.  Here are some games to work that out.

  1.  WHY CAN’T I WIN?
  3. SPINNERS (We will play with these in our lesson together.)
  4. MAKE A GRAPH (This allows you to make a digital Bar or Column Graph).

The SPINNERS and MAKE A GRAPH tools will also live on this blogsite on the LINKS page – under MATHS TOOLS. 

Do a Maths investigation with your family.  Survey your family members about their favourite………… Record their answers then make a graph using the MAKE A GRAPH tool which you can then print.  Have a go and make it look really professional.  🙂 Mrs Veary


Welcome back everybody!  What a pleasure to see all of your smiling faces again.  It looks like all of us have had a good break!  🙂

poster for Anzac DayThis term we will be starting our new inquiry but today we will focus on Anzac Day – a very important day in Australia.  We will be learning what it means, what we need to remember and what happens at an Anzac Day Ceremony anywhere in Australia.  On THURSDAY morning our school will be holding our Anzac Day Ceremony at school starting at 10a.m.  If any of you would like to bring some flowers to lay to remember someone special, you are welcome to bring them on Thursday.

Mrs Veary 🙂