Ethan wrote a fractured fairytale where he changed the original story of Robin Hood and made it a modern story. Enjoy listening to him reading it here.

Great work, Ethan. I love the way you included “The Princess and the Pea” in this story too.
Mrs Veary 😎

Flipped Learning at Work!

IMG_6644 (Small)Students have been learning Maths by watching a video of the lesson before doing the worksheets with the teacher’s help.  IMG_6645 (Small)By flipping our learning like this, students get the time to rewind the video and practise and really understand the strategy before they meet with the teacher in a small group to use the strategy.

IMG_6646 (Small)This also allows the teacher to work more with each student and give helpful tips and support.

IMG_6650 (Small)

IMG_6647 (Small)

IMG_6642 (Small)

IMG_6648 (Small)

IMG_6649 (Small)I was so proud of how you all worked this week in Rotating Maths Groups!  Give yourselves a pat on the back!   🙂 Mrs Veary

Happy Birthday Josie!

Hello everybody in Room 6.  Hope you are all working hard and learning new things this week.  I’m looking forward to hearing who was star of the day each day, or who earned the warm and fuzzy……


Thinking of you from Melbourne, Josie.  Wishing you a very happy day!  Work hard and make it a great day to remember.


Mrs Veary 8:)

The Frog Prince

Today we acted out the story of The Frog Prince using a script.  This was a play, with actors acting as the different characters.  Great job: Roka, Gigi, Kacey and Ethan!  🙂

You can watch another version in the video below, but see if you can answer these questions about the story first:

  • What did the princess learn about her behaviour?
  • What do you think about her father, the King?  He wasn’t being mean, he was ……?