Writing Instructions to Play your Game

You have collected a recipe for one of our meals.  You will notice the special way of writing a recipe. This is called writing a PROCEDURE.

There are lots of MUST DOS when writing a PROCEDURE.  There are certain headings and then you write a list of instructions, starting with 1.  and they need to be in order.  Example: Equipment…

You need to use the language of directions or instructions.  You need to use verbs (doing words) which instruct eg. Pick up the ball, Throw…, Aim…, Give it to…

Click on this website HOW TO WRITE GAME INSTRUCTIONS to get some more ideas on how to go about it.

Get a template from Mrs Veary to write your first draft of instructions to play your chosen game.



Today we are going to be part of a world-wide movement to teach students how to code or program a computer to do things.

First we will watch these videos about why we should be learning computer science.


Next, we will be choosing which activity to do for the Hour of Code, with our partner.


minecraftmine-craft-2-smallplay-labflappy-game-smallThis is the link to the Code.org website.  Click on it to enter to begin your activity for the Hour on Thursday.

Have fun, everybody and I look forward to hearing all about what you have learned today.
😎 Mrs Veary