Hard at Work Coding

img_7120-smallOur Hour of Code was a huge success with students engaged on their particular coding activity.

img_7116-smallI heard comments which included:

No, you need to move that one there first.
Oh, yes.


I don’t know why it’s not working.
Let me see. That’s because you need to add this bit of code under that one to make him flap.
Oh! Yes, that’s worked. Thanks.

img_7122-smallFeedback was very positive where students generally felt that they had learnt how to code or at least to understand that coding can be used to communicate with a machine and pass on instructions. Just about everybody recorded a high enjoyment level for the activity and as a follow-up, I was thrilled to hear this morning from Oliver that he has gone home and accessed code.org to do more of the activities. 😎

img_7117-smallThis definitely is one of the new areas of literacy which we will need in a future where communicating with machines will be more commonplace. (How many of you have a robotic vacuum cleaner? I wonder if it will be a Room 6 student who invents a robotic dog-feeder or table-clearer or dog-walker…..?)

img_7119-smallIt was a great day everybody. Thank you for your enthusiasm and participation.
Mrs Veary 🙂

Escher Lizard Tesselation and Christmas

Here are some photos of Escher’s Lizard tesselation, which you are going to put together today.


Notice how the colours change what you see in the finished product?


And later this week we will be using what we have learnt about tesselations to make some Christmas tesselations.  Have a look at these photos for inspiration.





Isn’t Maths just so cool?  Look at how much Maths is used in Art, and Engineering, and just about everything in life….!