We will be listening to the Three Little Pigs fairytale.  Then we will watch these two video clips telling the story of the Three Little Pigs in two different ways.  Listen carefully to remember the order of events and what exactly is the problem in the story?

  1. ORIGINAL THREE LITTLE PIGS STORY – this is the first of our stories.  (notice that story becomes stories)
  2. [THE THREE LITTLE PIGS – TRADITIONAL STORY – This is an extra you can read after we’ve heard all three versions.]
  3. Now we will be watching two other versions of the story.  I wonder which one of the three will be your favourite?
  4. Silly Symphony – The Three Little Pigs Story

Kermit and The Three Little Pigs

You will be writing your own ending for the story.  Get those imaginations working….. Mrs Veary 🙂

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