News – Music stars in our midst

As we listened to news this week, we discovered that we have two students who play musical instruments (and very well too!)

Nico plays the guitar and has been playing for the past two years.   He practises at Mucis every Monday and his favourite song is “Zombie Zebra”.

We loved the songs your played for us, Nico!

Heidi has been playing the violin for around four years and she showed us the parts of the violin, including the bow before playing Tapdancer for us..

You can watch her perform the song here.

We were very impressed with your performances, Heidi and Nico!!

Mrs Veary 🙂



Classifying Animals

Here is a video clip from Brain Pop to explain how animals are classified.


Questions we need to think about are:

  1. How can I classify animals?

by…………………………………, by ……………………………………………….

or by …………………………………………………..

2.  What characteristics make different groups of animals distinct?

NOW you will do your sort and explain how you sorted your pictures of animals.  What criteria did you use to do your sort?


Construction Day for Famous Structures!

What an awesome day Construction Friday was in Room 6!

We welcomed our parents to celebrate their child’s learning in our Structures Inquiry by coming in on Friday to help construct our famous structure models.

You all followed the Design and Technologies process to research, design, plan and write step-by-step instructions for constructing your models. As you can see, the results have been truly spectacular!

Two photos which would not fit on the slideshow are shown here.

And here is another late photo – Jenna was not at school on the day we built our structures.  Here is her structure of Hearst Castle which she built at home using her design plan.  (Great job, Jenna!)

Room 6, I was impressed with how really well organised you were, bringing in your materials (which had to be recycled materials) on the day and following your design plan.

It was really helpful having your mums and dads there to suggest adjustments and use their own engineering and building knowledge as first hand ‘experts’ with hands-on support.

Thank you to everybody who came along and made our day so successful and so much fun!

Enjoy the slideshow.  I’m sure you’ll recognise the song…..!

Making our Famous Structures on PhotoPeach

Mrs Veary


Daily Work Pad for Tuesday

Hi everybody –

Sorry I can’t make it today.  Here is your work for the day.  Welcome to your relief teacher. 🙂

9:00 – 11:00

News – show how you time your news and use real feeling to listen to and thank the speaker.

Inquiry – Students have their Australian Animals booklets on the desk next to mine at the window.  They have picked an animal from the Lucky Dip and written it into their books.  Please talk about the CHACTERISTICS key and what that means and how we FIND OUT about animals using a PBE chart.  [P = physical characteristics; B = behaviour (what they do: move, eat …) and E = environment (where they live, habitat and home)]  Then students find out brief facts about the animal they chose from the lucky dip and write dot points into their booklet in the T-chart provided, to share their findings with the group.  (You will see what they have to do in the booklet.)  Work out what the other animals chosen were, to complete the list.  [DOMINIC will need support, as will Trinity, Jai and make sure Jenna and Lawsen are okay too.]

Maths – Download the attached measuring sheet – comparing animals of the world measured by metres (and show the metre ruler first).

Metre measures for animals of the world-2mic9bv  (note: talk about the number sentence you have to do to answer some of the questions) and please mark together at the end.

Maths for Dominic-2baznjo DOMINIC SHEET to download


11:25 – 12:25

WRITING – using your writing books, rule up a new page and today you will be writing A RECOUNT of your weekend.  Remember the criteria: use Who? When? Where? What? Why? or How? and give descriptive details.  Then give feelings to end it.  Proofread and edit then share.  Journal writing rubric-2c5pdgm  Download this RUBRIC to self-assess too.

12:25 through lunch to 2:20


2:20 – 3:20

READING BOX BLUE – students to fetch the box either from (Room 5) or from the Resource Room.  They have answer booklets in the pigeonholes at the door and mark themselves.  MACQLIT students will be out of the room and DOMINIC will go on computer to Reading Eggs.  He has his log on details.

Have a good day everybody and work hard.  See you all tomorrow.  😉

Mrs Veary

Adding Two-digit Numbers

In Rotating Maths Groups today, with Teacher you will be working on NA10 – written strategies for addition.

When you need to add two digit numbers, sometimes you have to regroup to bridge ten.   This activity shows you how, using MABs.


Now you should be able to use this  (and remember our Cheat Sheet) or Tens Frames to solve any addition problems.   😆