Wow!  I am so impressed with the way you all organised yourselves and came to school with all your materials to make your Australian creatures on Friday!

Your planners have been done really well and you managed all on your own to design and create some amazing Australian animal models.  We will paint them soon and have them ready for their diorama habitats which we will be creating as an inquiry card in a few weeks’ time.

You are well on your way to becoming autonomous learners,  as you work on your Inquiry CardsThinkers Keys and KWHLAQ graphic organisers.  

This week we will be taking your Inquiry journey one step further as we learn how to create a BIG QUESTION for our inquiry using topic words, question starters and inquiry keys.  Awesome work, people!  😎

Enjoy the slideshow.Makerspace – Australian Animals on PhotoPeach

There’s one more person with her animal creation we didn’t fit into the slideshow.  Here you are…. with your turtle!

Mrs Veary

Classroom Jobs and Library

You are doing a FABULOUS job – keeping our classroom looking neat and tidy and well organised, Trinity.  Great that you now have Nicholas to help you.  Well done and thank you both!

Remember how we had to go to the Library on a Friday to change our books and read….read….read?   but now you go to LIBRARY/MEDIA every week on a THURSDAY morning so you can read, borrow books and learn digital skills.  I look forward to seeing everybody using their one-drives to write in our room too.

I love the way you all enjoy reading!

Don’t forget to bring your books back on THURSDAYS! and remember to BORROW, BORROW, BORROW!


Merit Certificates – Congratulations!


to all our Merit Certificate recipients:

Trinity, Kye L, Nico, Ivy, Tilly, Heidi,

Nicholas and Sid!!

You earned your Merit Certificates for:

Trinity for making a much bigger effort with your schoolwork.  Keep reading regularly at home and your latest piece of writing was a big improvement in using sentences.  Keep it up?

Kye for being a quietly independent worker.  You always listen carefully to instructions, then work steadily to complete tasks.  Way to go!

Nico for your improved focus and effort when working independently and for your logical Mathematical thinking skills.  Way to go!

Tilly for brightening up our room with your gorgeous smile every day and for your calm and focused approach to all tasks.  Great work, Tilly!

Heidi for being such a reliable and responsible student – always willing to work hard at tasks, tackle new challenges and always trying your best.  You are a true gem!

Nicholas for maintaining a high standard of work this term and for the extra detail you put into presentation of your work.  Way to go, Nicholas!

Sid for your enthusiastic and industrious approach to all tasks.  You tackle them head on and you are always willing to take on a new challenge.  You have a strong work ethic and you power your way through jobs, working quickly and methodically, especially in Maths.   Way to go, Sid!

Great job, everybody.  🙂



Macroinvertebrates Excursion

On Wednesday Tracey Muir from Nature Conservancy came to our room to tell us all about macro-invertebrates and explain how we would be sampling for our very own macro-invertebrates during our excursion to the Montessori Wetlands on Wednesday morning (9:05 to 10:25).  Write a comment below this post to tell me what you learnt from her visit.

Thank you to parents who volunteered to accompany us and I will contact you on Monday to confirm times.  Make sure you bring wet-weather gear (if it looks like showers on the the day), gumboots or spare shoes and socks in case they get wet, and warm clothes.  It is such a fun event – we can’t wait!

PS:  Tracey told us about an app you can download if you want to have some fun as a family, sampling and recording your macro-invertebrate finds.  It’s called “Waterbug” and it gives you pictures, videos, scientific facts etc.  It’s well worth a look.

Mrs Veary 😎