Wow!  I am so impressed with the way you all organised yourselves and came to school with all your materials to make your Australian creatures on Friday!

Your planners have been done really well and you managed all on your own to design and create some amazing Australian animal models.  We will paint them soon and have them ready for their diorama habitats which we will be creating as an inquiry card in a few weeks’ time.

You are well on your way to becoming autonomous learners,  as you work on your Inquiry CardsThinkers Keys and KWHLAQ graphic organisers.  

This week we will be taking your Inquiry journey one step further as we learn how to create a BIG QUESTION for our inquiry using topic words, question starters and inquiry keys.  Awesome work, people!  😎

Enjoy the slideshow.Makerspace – Australian Animals on PhotoPeach

There’s one more person with her animal creation we didn’t fit into the slideshow.  Here you are…. with your turtle!

Mrs Veary

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