Class Celebration on Tuesday

I am so excited to see what everybody comes as tomorrow.  I wonder which Australian animal you have chosen to dress up as?

I’ve worked on Kai and Cassidy’s movie this evening and it’s looking fabulous!!!  You will really enjoy watching it.  🙂

I hope you have told your parents how to use the Photobooth and that you all get a chance to take photos with your parents in it tomorrow.  Remember to save your photo strip into camera roll so that we can print them out later.

See you all in the morning!

Mrs Veary

SCIENCE – Branching Keys

Today in Science we are going to continue learning how Scientists classify animals.  Today’s lesson will show you how to use a Branching Key to identify different animals based on YES/NO questions.

This video gives you a similar understanding but they are calling it the Dichotomous Key (which means either yes or no key) to classify birds. They have used a table not a diagram to show the key’s answers.