Movie Time – Australian Megafauna by Kai and Cass

Wow! You are an awesome bunch of students! You can be very proud of how well you spoke during your celebration and of all the work you have done this term.

Here is The Movie made by Cassidy and Kai. Great job, boys!
Enjoy it everybody.

5 thoughts on “Movie Time – Australian Megafauna by Kai and Cass

  1. Glenda Hillier says:

    Thank you very much Mrs Veary for the lovely interview with Kai and Cass.
    Appreciate all you have done for Kai this past year.

    From: Kai`s Gogo (granny) all the way from South Africa.

  2. dawnvea09 says:

    They did a fabulous job! I think Kai is a natural performer! Glad you were able to share it.
    Dawn Veary

  3. Meg says:

    Hi Class mates
    i loved your video and costumes . The video was funny and informative.
    I miss you all and will see you after the school holidays

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