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    1.  KIDCYBER – tells you the story of the First Fleet’s journey to Australia


TODAY IN WRITING we are going to be writing about what happened on that day in 1788.  We will be exploring OTHER POINT OF VIEW writing where you write with the feelings and thoughts of a particular person in the story (not yourself).

This week you will be doing two pieces of writing.  Today you will be writing about what happened on that day in 1788 from the point of view of a First Australian on the shores watching the ships come in.  Describe what you saw. What did you think was happening? What did you do?  How did you feel?  What did you wonder about?

Tomorrow we will be writing from the point of view of a convict on board a ship. Explain what you saw around you as the ship sailed in.  What did you think about where you were?  How was it different from what you were used to?  Who did you see watching you there?  What were your feelings?  What did you wonder about?

Merit Certificates – Congratulations!




for your enthusiasm for learning and being willing to challenge yourself – especially in Maths.  A great start to Year 3, Hugh!



I love the way you put your head down and work really hard at all tasks to the best of your ability!  Way to go, Fynn!

Great job, boys!  Keep it up in class.  This has been a great start to the year!

Mrs Veary 😎



CO-OPERATION is a really important school value and something you will value at many different times during your life. Working as a team can bring about spectacular results. (Think of how you needed to work together to pass the hoop and the more you encouraged each other, the faster you went AS A TEAM!)

This video shows how co-operation can make difficult tasks easier and how caring for each other and co-operating makes teams strong and able to perform much better.

DOMINO RUNS – Engineering Designs

In our Makerspace/STEM session today we will be using dominoes to create domino runs.  We will talk about how to set them up and what things can cause changes.  It should be good fun!  🙂

Here are some videos of domino runs.  This is all about CAUSE AND EFFECT.  If you do one thing (knock down the first domino), then you cause a reaction to happen (the next domino will fall) and it goes on and on to the end.

This afternoon you will be learning how to set up domino runs.  The challenge is to set up a full run and have it work where all of your dominoes will fall.

This video clip shows you how to make a template for setting up dominoes, using lego.

Later on we’ll learn about spirals and walls. Let’s perfect the lines of dominoes first.

Mrs Veary

Welcome to Room 6 and our Classroom Website

Welcome!  🙂

This is your very own classroom website.  It is our digital space where we will celebrate great work, special achievements and interesting things we are doing.  Have a look around and you will find heaps of games and cool website links for you to use at school and at home.

You will also learn how to comment respectfully and how to be safe when on the internet.  Soon I will be looking for journalists to write stories for Dolphinkids too.  We are going to have so much fun learning together this year!  😎

Mrs Veary