“The Sky Ladder” written by Zoe

Here are Zoe’s pictures to go with her story, which she is reading using beautifully fluency and expression.  Listen for the different voices and expression she uses.

What an exciting story, Zoe!  I got really caught up in the action and intrigue!  Mrs Veary

Press the arrow to start listening, then scroll down through Zoe’s pictures.

Zoe did such a fantastic job!  It would be great if people could post a comment to tell her what you liked about her story.  🙂




4 thoughts on ““The Sky Ladder” written by Zoe

  1. Danielle says:

    We are so proud of you Zoe! Such drama & adventure in your story telling! We really felt as though we were on the adventure too. Love Mum, Dad & Kai.

  2. Jenny Robb says:

    Wow Zoe! Your story is truly amazing from start to finish. So much detail and beautiful phrases. You read it so well – a super star! Can’t wait to hear the next story 🙂

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