We have been talking about digital citizenship.  You and your parents sign Internet User Agreements each year where you agree to certain behaviours when using the internet at school. You will be using computers and ipads for your learning at different times at school and this year you will be learning how to use your Connect account to use Office 365 apps.

You need to remember to RESPECT AND PROTECT:


All of these are characteristics of DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP.

Today we will be watching a video about Cybersafety and discussing what you need to be aware of when using the internet.

Cybersmart Detectives from eSafety Office on Vimeo.



Welcome to your digital learning space for our class! This is Dolphinkids which is your very own classroom website.  You can go onto this website at school and at home to play the learning games, watch the videos, listen to stories and check out what we’ll be doing the following day in class.  Later you are going to learn how to post a comment – where you can give positive feedback.  This is going to be a really fun 2020!  😎