Expanded Notation – Understanding Place Value

We worked hard in Maths this week, checking our understanding of place value using MAB blocks and swopping them to compare their values.

Look at these pictures of MAB blocks and the video where Harper explains how to compare them on the worksheet.

So, if the number is 2 543.  There are 2 x 100s, 5 x 100s, 4 x 10s and 3 x 1s.

If we run out of 1 000s, then we have to swop ten hundreds for each 1000.  So we would have 2000 which means 10 x 100s + 10 x 100s = 20 x 100s plus the 5 x 100s we already have, so it would be: 25 x 100s, 4 x 10s and 3 x 1s.

If we run out of 1 000s and 100s, then we have to swop 10s for the 2 000 and the 500.  We would have: 254 x 10s and 3 x 1s

If we are only counting in 1s then we would have 2 543 ones.

Harper explains how to swop between them to make the exact same number in this video.

Now have a go at the worksheet which you will find in your Connect Classroom soon.  See if you can do it in the Word document and send it back to me using the SHARE button in your Office 365.  Otherwise, I have included a PDF here too.  Print it out, then you can scan it and send it to me through e-mail or by using the SHARE button in your Office 365.

Expanded Notation and comparing place value worksheet (click on PDF title to download worksheet)

Mrs Veary 🙂

Learning from Home and joining those still at school.

We have been working hard at school and are thinking of our classmates who are at home. 🙂

Please keep watching what the class is doing at school by regularly checking Dolphinkids.  [Parents – I am subscribing you to Dolphinkids so that you will receive an email once a day with a summary of what has been posted, and with a link which will take you directly there. Please could you make sure to confirm this on the email you receive so we can all keep up to date together.]  We will be using Dolphinkids and Connect to keep up to date.

Remember, students that you can post a comment on posts so that we can see your thoughts.

Each student also has a Reading Eggs login (same as last year – has been activated) and you each have a Studyladder online learning program for Maths.  I have put you into groups and set tasks for you to complete.  To get there you will only need your password as I have put a link onto Dolphinkids with your username and you need to enter your password.  I will try to get these out to parents via email, or send me an email.

On Dolphinkids front page click on to the cog which will take you to our red links page.  Then scroll down to “Our Websites” and click on your “Studyladder… Group”.  I think you will really enjoy these interactive activities.  Parents, Studyladder is offering you the opportunity to link to this account too.  Otherwise, unlimited activities during school hours and 3 only after school hours.  Email me with any queries…

Students have also been practising how to log into their Department Outlook accounts using their username and password we have been using on the local school network.  They need to Google “connect.det.wa.edu.au” and log in.  Then go to the “mail envelope” and it will take them to their Outlook email, where they can click on the 9 dots to get to Office 365.  After creating a document, they can click on the “share” button and send it to my email.  I look forward to seeing some work in the near future.

Mrs Veary 🙂


Margaret River Structures

After looking at our school, we have now turned our attention to our community.  We have created scrapbooks showing these places in Our Patch:

Wallcliffe House, Ellensbrook, Lakes Cave, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Old Town Square, Augusta/Margaret River Shire, Margaret River Hotel, MR Community Resource Centre, MR War Memorial and of course, Margaret River Primary.

If you missed out because you were not here, you could have a go at creating a digital scrapbook by finding photos of these places.  You could use Powerpoint or make a slideshow or create a Word Document….?

Mrs Veary  😎 

Inquiry Immersion Activities…

Old front of school on Forrest Road – trees at old entrance.

As we learnt more about Our Patch, we have focused on our school and what happened in the past.  This is our History inquiry using the “Past, Present and Future” inquiry key.

We walked around the school looking for evidence about the past and we found lots of it.

Original School Entrance in 1990s.

Heart Garden – memorial for Gracetown tragedy.



Reading the plaque at the entrance to our school admin block.

And then your next task was to answer some wonderings about our school buildings by using your Maths understandings about big numbers to sort the information and create a timeline of our school’s buildings.  You worked so well in your groups!

Money Maths with Coach Cash!

Last week we all enjoyed Coach Cash’s visit to teach us more about money and good spending habits.

Remember the motto she taught us:

Spend some on you… but save some too!

Using your key card – not a credit card!Congratulations everyone as she said that you are the first group of students she has seen who know so much about spending – being able to work out deals and how to save money!  Very impressive!

Merit Certificates

Congratulations to our last 3 merit certificate recipients: Rosie, Catto and Harper!  🙂

Rosie for…

your enthusiasm for learning and for being willing to set yourself challenges!  Congratulations on completing an excellent first spelling contract using difficult words. Well done!

Catto for:

your empathy for others and your enthusiasm for learning. Catto you are a responsible and independent learner and you are always willing to lend a helping hand, with schoolwork and classroom jobs. Thank you for being such a reliable and friendly class member.

Harper for…

diving into learning tasks with enthusiasm and energy. You are always ready to challenge yourself and we saw this with the skill you showed when writing your latest story!  Well done!

Great job, people!

Mrs Veary


Congratulations to everybody for being responsible with Take-Home Reading!  I gave out the first few reading certificates on Monday and you will be receiving a certificate from me for every 25 nights reading.  That means: 25, 50, 75 etc.

Even if you are not at school, you should be reading every day to improve your ideas for writing, your spelling and vocabulary and of course, to improve your fluency (being able to read smoothly and with expression).  So – the one thing you can all do anywhere – is READ!  😎

Mrs Veary  😎


As an introduction to life in China, you will need to look at a map of China and the Chinese flag.

Now you will need to read KIDS FROM CHINA – FACTMONSTER.COM to answer the questions in your booklet.

Google to find your images and use PicCollage print them in colour. Make them the right side to stick into the boxes.

Chinese dictionary – to look up the words you need.

Have fun exploring life in a Chinese school. 😎