Hold your own Anzac Day Service from Home – Saturday 25 April 2020

I encourage you to join in and hold your own Anzac Day Dawn Service from your driveway tomorrow.  Ask your parents if they can help you and read on to find out more.  Then, add your own experience to a visual PADLET interactive page to share all of our experiences tomorrow. Mrs Veary

[I will create an ANZAC DAY PADLET for you to add your experiences to, so that we can share an interactive collection of our Room 6 Family Anzac Day experiences.] See bottom of this post for the link.  😎

Tomorrow is a special day for all Australians – Anzac Day!  Usually we show our respect for all those who have fought for Australia by going to a Dawn Service, watching parades and marches down the street of our town or attending an early breakfast.  We would have a ceremony at school and watch the flags being lowered on the flagpoles, we’d listen solemnly to the bugles playing “The Last Post” and we’d all hold our breaths for one minute of silence while thinking of those who have given their lives to keep peace for our country and ensure our way of life in Australia.  But this Anzac Day will be very different for everybody.  The biggest difference is that we will be doing our remembering in a very personal way, in our own family groups, and from home.

I encourage you to join in and hold your own Anzac Day Dawn Service from your driveway tomorrow.  The RSL (ask your parents what it is) encourage you to go to your driveway at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday and join the rest of W.A. in a virtual Anzac Day Service as you “Light Up the Dawn”. People are being encouraged to use whatever instrument they have to play “The Last Post” from their driveways at 6:00 a.m. Many famous musicians including James Morrison will be participating.

In W.A. they are sorry that there will be no marches because of Covid 19, but this is how they suggest you commemorate the day from home:

This year, we invite you to take part in a unique 6am ANZAC Day Dawn Service.

Simply stand at the end of your driveway, or on your balcony, from 5.55am and tune in to ABC Radio to hear The Ode, The Last Post and join in the minute’s silence.

The National Commemorative Service from the Australian War Memorial will be held from 5:30 AEST but will be broadcast on our local ABC Radio 5:30 a.m. Western Australian time.

RSL Perth’s Commemorative Service will be broadcast live from 6:30am local time on ABC Perth and ABC Western Australia radio, and live on ABC Perth’s Facebook page too.

Here are some videos you can watch to learn more, and to hear “The Last Post” being performed.


and here is a recipe for Anzac Biscuits you could make with your family. 😎

and here is her recipe.

Katherine Sabbath_Anzac Biscuits_1 (click on the link to download her recipe).

If you are able to do so, for please remember to add an image from your driveway, a photo of your baked Anzac Biscuits, a drawing you have done or a recording of you playing “The Last Post” etc. with a caption – onto the PADLET I’ve created for our Room 6 Family’s LIGHT UP THE DAWN 2020!  

Let’s connect.

Made with Padlet


Click on the link or the image above. Then all you need to do is double-click on the Padlet Wall and add your comment or media (don’t forget to give your first name only). You can also record audio or take an image or video direct from your device when you click the 3dots or more.  Have a play and let’s see what we get as a connected Anzac Day by our Room 6 Community!.

Mrs Veary 🙂

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