Reconciliation – Sorry Day

This week is Reconciliation Week where we all try to work together to forgive the past and live in harmony in Australia.  (reconciliation is to “restore friendly relations”)

National Sorry Day is a day when we pause to remember the Stolen Generations of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

This is a video clip of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologising to the “Stolen Generation” in the spirit of reconciliation.  It was 10 years ago that this apology was made by our then prime minister.


This picture shows coloured hands to show that we are putting out our hands in friendship and support.

National Sorry Day is held on May 26 every year to recognise and acknowledge the Stolen Generations.

This Archie Roach song “Took the Children Away” has been remixed by Briggs, Gurrumul & Dewayne.  You might have heard in Music, but it is celebrating Sorry Day and that together we can heal the pain and grief.  It’s called “The Children Came Back”.


Science – Animal Classification

THE LEARNING ZONE – we will be going through this together in class to find out about animal kingdoms and families.  You can have a look and see which classifications you know or have learned.  🙂

This will help you when we look at the CHARACTERISTICS INQUIRY KEY – to find the characteristics of Australian animals.  Characteristics are the features of animals that usually belong to those specific creatures.

Science – Strong Structures

Today we learned about shapes which make structures strong.  This is important SCIENCE and we will be talking about what made it a “Fair Test” tomorrow.  Great teamwork today and we certainly proved that triangles are much stronger than squares – even when they are 3D cubes!

All those bits of pasta and marshmellows!

First we tested how strong the triangle and square shapes were.

Then we built the 3D cube and triangular pyramid.  We tested how strong they were and found that the pyramid stood strong but the cube twisted and collapsed!


Then we made them stronger but adding more pasta to create more triangles!

Merit Certificates

Congratulations to our Merit Certificate recipients this week.  With no assemblies because of Covid-19 restrictions, students received their certificates privately in their classrooms.



Savannah for:

a great improvement in Reading! I love the effort you are making to read regularly at home, and your reading fluency.  Great job, Savannah!

Tully for:

your concentration and effort at all learning tasks.  I love your imaginative writing and your recent Retell.  Way to go, Tully!

Great job, girls!  Mrs Veary 🙂


Congratulations on how well you worked on doing your writing today and yesterday! Every week we will be writing a retell so that you get better and better at it, and you will also become faster and faster at writing. 🙂

Today you made a good start at your finding out about a famous structure. Look at you all – working so hard! Tomorrow we will finish and then start making our Information Posters. Great job, people!

Mrs Veary

Writing a Retell – Your Dreamtime Journal

Last week many of you had trouble writing a retell of Simpson and His Donkey so we are going to practise writing retells.  We are going to listen to and watch Dreamtime stories and over the next few weeks, we will write one retell per week.  The first one today is “Tiddelik the Frog”.

You will need to listen carefully.  You will need to remember the main events and you also need to say what the lesson of the story was.

You can find the Dreamtime Videos by clicking on the 3 lines above, then find the page which says DREAMTIME STORIES.

Today we will be trying to use the SWBTS strategy to summarize the story in your retell.  Remember to try to use your own words and include the setting and the theme or lesson the character learned.

SOMEBODY – Who is the main character and give the setting.

WANTED – What did the main character want?

BUT – What was the problem?

THEN – How did the character try to solve the problem? (Give the main events.)

SO  – How did the character solve the problem and what did the character learn?

As we practise this writing skill, you are going to get better and better at writing a good Year 3 Retell where you summarize the main events and retell the story in a brief and focused way.


Catch-up – Week 1 of Term 2

Hello to those of you who have been learning from home this week! 😎   I hope you have enjoyed the Distance Learning and that you have learnt at least one new thing each day.  Some students are back at school and it would be great for you all to connect by posting a comment below this post, to let each other know what you have been up to.

Mrs Veary