Use your Inquisitive join code to find the e-Book.  Use the information in the e-Book to answer the questions in your Map of Australia booklet.  Number 10 and 12 are ‘can do’ items, but you Must Do Number 11.

Lighthouses – you can research our two local lighthouses on the last page in your booklet and write some fun facts about each one.

They are: Leeuwin Lighthouse (Augusta) and Naturaliste Lighthouse (Dunsborough)




You can find the class join code on your piece of paper or up on the board.  Click on this link to get to our classroom account.  LINK   Then type in your join code.

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Mrs Veary

What is Culture?

As we explore World Celebrations, we need to understand exactly what the word CULTURE means?
These two video clips try to explain what culture really means.



Now you need to create your page showing what your culture looks like. (Fast Finishers could make up a COLLAGE page to show this in pictures with the same headings.) Example:

If you can understand what makes up a person’s CULTURE, you will find it much easier to find out the WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY? and HOW? of world celebrations in many different countries of the world.  😎