Why Maths Matters!

Many of you might wonder why Maths is so important?  Why do you need it?  How will it help you later in life?  After all, isn’t that why we have computers and calculators and other technology?

Listen to what Eddie Woo (amazingly brilliant high school Maths teacher with his own WooTube channel dedicated to Maths) has to say about that.  I only want to show you part of this video interview, where he explains the importance of Maths. [Your Mum and Dad might want to watch this too. 🙂 ]


All About Phar Lap

You are probably wondering just why Phar Lap (a horse) became so popular with Australians…

  • Who was Phar Lap?
  • What made him so special as a racehorse?
  • Try to explain just why Australians loved him so much? (It was more than just watching a racehorse?)

You can find some of that information in your booklet, but let’s also have a look at the information in THE MUSEUMS VICTORIA site.

or in this video clip PHAR LAP – A NATIONAL TREASURE.[see Phar Lap’s Hide clip]

Now, can you explain why Phar Lap was so important to the nation at that time?

Just as a treat, here is a video clip (from the movie, “Phar Lap”) of Phar Lap and Jimmy Pike winning the Melbourne Cup in 1930.  NATIONAL FILM AND SOUND ARCHIVE AUSTRALIA 

The Melbourne Cup on BTN

We are going to learn about an Australian celebration which happens every year – The Melbourne Cup.  Next we will learn about a very special horse who won many of the early Melbourne Cup races – and who was loved and known by most Australians.  He was Phar Lap!

Click on the link to watch the BTN Video about the Melbourne Cup – how it started and why it is such an important celebration in Australia.

QUESTIONS to think about while you watch:

  1. What famous horse names did you hear?
  2. Why did people decide to start racing horses?
  3. What else besides the horses has become important at the Melbourne Cup?
  4. Where is this race held?
  5. Why is it called “the race that stops a nation”?
  6. In which state is this day a public holiday?
  7. How many people go to the racecourse for the race?
  8. How many people watch the race on television?

Let’s see how well you can listen and remember.  🙂

This links to a BTN Video talking about jockeys.  You will be doing some work on jockeys in your booklet, so listen carefully.

Congratulations Rosie!!


to Rosie for this Saturday.

Rosie has already achieved a remarkable level in basketball.  She will be playing in the Development Squad this Saturday against teams from all the way to Bunbury.  We wish her the best of luck and good play for Saturday.  Great job, as always, Rosie!!  😎