Christmas Carols from 3 Singing Groups!!!



What a wonderful class and parents, who have made 2020 a year to remember!  Thank you and enjoy the Christmas carols presented here.

Tully and Ruby introduced them with a touch of humour (and with the help of a reindeer)….?!

1. The Santa Singers with “Dashing Through the Snow”

IMG_9162 from MRPS on Vimeo.

2. The Christmas Carollers with “The Aussie Twelve Days of Christmas”

The Christmas Carollers from Dawn Veary on Vimeo.

3. The Santa Singers with “Jingle Bell Rock”

4. The Chomping T-Texes with “The Twelve Days of Christmas and “Santa in his Sleigh”

Hope Santa knows you have all been on the “Good List” at school! 🙂

Sensational SOLE work!

Great work everybody!!!   You really stepped up and worked well under pressure yesterday in your groups.  I think everybody worked out that TEAMWORK is the most important thing for SOLE .  What great posters to show your new understandings of Children’s Day!


Congratulations to our three Room 6 Effort Award recipients: Harper, Catto and Savannah!  Harper also received the Year 3 Sport Award!


to everybody in Room 6 for your awesome attitude and effort towards your learning this year.  You have been a very special class and I will miss you.  Wishing you all the very best for Year 4!!

from Mrs Veary 😎


Girls’ Podcast #3 – with guest reporters: Darcie, Eden, Ivy and Lucy!

Our last podcast and both of our teams have done a fabulous job – and they have worked with our guest podcasters who have done such a good job too!  Well done!  🙂  Such great expression and clever news writing, girls!



SOLE – Investigating Children’s Day around the world

This week we are going to do our last SOLE session.  Today’s question is:

Find out which countries (including Japan) celebrate Children’s Day, and what kind of things do they do to celebrate?

Try to find at least 3 countries and decide which one you like best as a group.

Remember some of the criteria for celebrating in a different culture would be:

  • food
  • clothes
  • music
  • activities
  • beliefs? and why they have decided to celebrate this day in their country?

Start with this website: JAPAN and other countries celebrating Children’s Day. 


  • groupwork – use each person’s strengths and allocate jobs at the start
  • 45 mins to investigate and create a poster to share what you have found out
  • 15 mins to finish off your poster and practise your sharing
  • Group sharing.

Have fun!  🙂


Boys Podcast #2

Wow!  This week we have our second boys’ podcast and the mentors have worked really well with guest podcasters, Jake, Lui and Catto! 🙂 They have put together a fabulous podcast updating us on what’s been happening in Room 6, but they have done in a way that has included humour and  fun!  Great job, boys!  😎