SOLE – Investigating Children’s Day around the world

This week we are going to do our last SOLE session.  Today’s question is:

Find out which countries (including Japan) celebrate Children’s Day, and what kind of things do they do to celebrate?

Try to find at least 3 countries and decide which one you like best as a group.

Remember some of the criteria for celebrating in a different culture would be:

  • food
  • clothes
  • music
  • activities
  • beliefs? and why they have decided to celebrate this day in their country?

Start with this website: JAPAN and other countries celebrating Children’s Day. 


  • groupwork – use each person’s strengths and allocate jobs at the start
  • 45 mins to investigate and create a poster to share what you have found out
  • 15 mins to finish off your poster and practise your sharing
  • Group sharing.

Have fun!  🙂