DOMINO RUNS – Engineering Designs

In our Makerspace/STEM session today we will be using dominoes to create domino runs.  We will talk about how to set them up and what things can cause changes.  It should be good fun!  🙂

Here are some videos of domino runs.  This is all about CAUSE AND EFFECT.  If you do one thing (knock down the first domino), then you cause a reaction to happen (the next domino will fall) and it goes on and on to the end.

This afternoon you will be learning how to set up domino runs.  The challenge is to set up a full run and have it work where all of your dominoes will fall.

This video clip shows you how to make a template for setting up dominoes, using lego.

Later on we’ll learn about spirals and walls. Let’s perfect the lines of dominoes first.

Mrs Veary