In Writing today we are going to be looking at descriptive writing.

This means writing in a way that allows the reader to picture exactly what you are describing.  You will be using words to paint a picture for your reader.  This means that you need to choose your words carefully and use lots of really good adjectives (describing words).

WHAT WILL YOU BE WRITING ABOUT?  You will be describing your alien friend.  Give your alien a name and decide which planet your alien comes from and how he or she got to Earth.  You have already created your alien and now you will have to describe him or her. 🙂

Describe different characteristics of your alien:
• Size
• Shape of parts of body
• How many heads, eyes etc. (make it interesting)
• Skin (colour, texture, made from…)
• Special features or extra body parts (like the Purple People Eater’s horn…)
• Personality
• Any special powers

To create a really good picture for your reader, you will also need to use some similes in your description.  A simile compares your alien to something that we can all picture.  It uses the words like….. or as…

Eg. “My alien has scarlet eyes as hot as the furnace of the sun.”  It’s eyes are as bright as a car’s headlights shining through the dark.

Here are some posters about similes to get your imagination going.  🙂


dog simile


frog simile


You all have such good imaginations that I’m sure you are going to invent really different aliens and write amazing descriptions today!

Click here for a PDF of the Description Rubric we are going to use to mark our work to see what your MUST DOs are.   Description Rubric for alien

 Mrs Veary 🙂

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