Of all the symbols of the Olympics, the OLYMPIC FLAME has to be the most important!  It links the Olympics back to the original ancient olympics as the flame comes from Olympus in Greece each time, then it makes a long trip as the Olympic Torch through the host country until finally the OLYMPIC CAULDRON is lit for the Olympics!!

Each country does it differently, and this video clip shows some of the more creative ways the cauldron has been lit over the years.

This clip introduces the Tokyo theme and shows the torch they have designed for these olympics.

This clip shows how the flame comes from Greece every Olympics and is handed over to the host country in a very symbolic ceremony.



What an amazing job you all did with your investigations into materials changing shape from liquid to solid and solid to liquid.  Thank you for your responsible attitude and for take so much care to do a good job and reflect that in your posters.  We all enjoyed the presentations.

Ms Angell and Mr Thomas were super impressed when they came to help us celebrate your great work!  Well done, everybody!

Showing our Powerpoints on the Computers

Mrs Veary 🙂


What a great effort by everybody on your Lego Challenge.  You had to build something which showed the link between your significant person and our local community.  I think you can clearly see what you chose to build in these photos.

Great teamwork, even when it didn’t go the way you wanted it to!  That’s what members of a team do – they are flexible and they share ideas and the work.  Great job, people! 🙂

Mrs Veary


We are going to plot some stories on the STORY GRAPH and learn what it is today.

First animation to watch is SOAR.  Then we will see how it fits on the story graph.

The next movie clip is: The Power of Words