Science – Strong Structures

Today we learned about shapes which make structures strong.  This is important SCIENCE and we will be talking about what made it a “Fair Test” tomorrow.  Great teamwork today and we certainly proved that triangles are much stronger than squares – even when they are 3D cubes!

All those bits of pasta and marshmellows!

First we tested how strong the triangle and square shapes were.

Then we built the 3D cube and triangular pyramid.  We tested how strong they were and found that the pyramid stood strong but the cube twisted and collapsed!


Then we made them stronger but adding more pasta to create more triangles!

Merit Certificates

Congratulations to our Merit Certificate recipients this week.  With no assemblies because of Covid-19 restrictions, students received their certificates privately in their classrooms.



Savannah for:

a great improvement in Reading! I love the effort you are making to read regularly at home, and your reading fluency.  Great job, Savannah!

Tully for:

your concentration and effort at all learning tasks.  I love your imaginative writing and your recent Retell.  Way to go, Tully!

Great job, girls!  Mrs Veary 🙂


Congratulations on how well you worked on doing your writing today and yesterday! Every week we will be writing a retell so that you get better and better at it, and you will also become faster and faster at writing. 🙂

Today you made a good start at your finding out about a famous structure. Look at you all – working so hard! Tomorrow we will finish and then start making our Information Posters. Great job, people!

Mrs Veary

Writing a Retell – Your Dreamtime Journal

Last week many of you had trouble writing a retell of Simpson and His Donkey so we are going to practise writing retells.  We are going to listen to and watch Dreamtime stories and over the next few weeks, we will write one retell per week.  The first one today is “Tiddelik the Frog”.

You will need to listen carefully.  You will need to remember the main events and you also need to say what the lesson of the story was.

You can find the Dreamtime Videos by clicking on the 3 lines above, then find the page which says DREAMTIME STORIES.

Today we will be trying to use the SWBTS strategy to summarize the story in your retell.  Remember to try to use your own words and include the setting and the theme or lesson the character learned.

SOMEBODY – Who is the main character and give the setting.

WANTED – What did the main character want?

BUT – What was the problem?

THEN – How did the character try to solve the problem? (Give the main events.)

SO  – How did the character solve the problem and what did the character learn?

As we practise this writing skill, you are going to get better and better at writing a good Year 3 Retell where you summarize the main events and retell the story in a brief and focused way.


Catch-up – Week 1 of Term 2

Hello to those of you who have been learning from home this week! 😎   I hope you have enjoyed the Distance Learning and that you have learnt at least one new thing each day.  Some students are back at school and it would be great for you all to connect by posting a comment below this post, to let each other know what you have been up to.

Mrs Veary

Have you filled a bucket today?

Now that we know how to recognise our emotions and the emotions of other people, we need to work on how to be positive, helpful and kind to ourselves and to others.


We are going to listen to Carol McCloud reading her book, “Have you Filled Your Bucket”, on YouTube and then we will brainstorm ways to fill people’s buckets.

Challenge:  Google search “Have you filled your bucket?” and then you can look down to see “People also ask…”  Here you can read a quick summary of what bucket filling is, what bucket dipping is and other interesting ideas.

Anzac Day


Watching this video clip you will learn more about the traditions of Anzac Day.  Listen carefully so that you can answer these questions:

  1. What are 2 things people do on Anzac Day?
  2. Which two countries joined together to help England fight in World War 1? (later known as Anzacs)
  3. People lay wreaths at War Memorials on Anzac Day. What two flowers are often worn on Anzac Day?  (Can you explain why?)
  4. Why is the dawn service held at Dawn?
  5. 10,000 Anzac soldiers died at Gallipoli. What country was Gallipoli in?  How long were the Anzacs there before they left?

Term Two Learning

I want to thank Eden and her family for sharing their special Anzac Day experience on our Padlet.  It looked like a very thoughtful time you shared, remembering with respect.

If anyone else has something to share to do with Anzac Day, you can still click on the Padlet and add your thoughts or describe your experience.

Enjoy the last day of your holidays before learning begins again on Wednesday 29 April – some of you at school and some of you doing Distance Learning from home.  Hope everyone had a Happy Easter and I’m sure you all had far too much chocolate…..?

I have added Distance Learning Links to our LINKS page to make it easier for you all to find your on-line programs: Reading Eggs, iMaths, Inquiry websites, Studyladder… (Just click on the cog and find DISTANCE LEARNING LINKS).

Remember to check Dolphinkids again on Friday to connect and share what your week has been like.  Thinking of you all…

Mrs Veary  😎

Hold your own Anzac Day Service from Home – Saturday 25 April 2020

I encourage you to join in and hold your own Anzac Day Dawn Service from your driveway tomorrow.  Ask your parents if they can help you and read on to find out more.  Then, add your own experience to a visual PADLET interactive page to share all of our experiences tomorrow. Mrs Veary

[I will create an ANZAC DAY PADLET for you to add your experiences to, so that we can share an interactive collection of our Room 6 Family Anzac Day experiences.] See bottom of this post for the link.  😎

Tomorrow is a special day for all Australians – Anzac Day!  Usually we show our respect for all those who have fought for Australia by going to a Dawn Service, watching parades and marches down the street of our town or attending an early breakfast.  We would have a ceremony at school and watch the flags being lowered on the flagpoles, we’d listen solemnly to the bugles playing “The Last Post” and we’d all hold our breaths for one minute of silence while thinking of those who have given their lives to keep peace for our country and ensure our way of life in Australia.  But this Anzac Day will be very different for everybody.  The biggest difference is that we will be doing our remembering in a very personal way, in our own family groups, and from home.

I encourage you to join in and hold your own Anzac Day Dawn Service from your driveway tomorrow.  The RSL (ask your parents what it is) encourage you to go to your driveway at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday and join the rest of W.A. in a virtual Anzac Day Service as you “Light Up the Dawn”. People are being encouraged to use whatever instrument they have to play “The Last Post” from their driveways at 6:00 a.m. Many famous musicians including James Morrison will be participating.

In W.A. they are sorry that there will be no marches because of Covid 19, but this is how they suggest you commemorate the day from home:

This year, we invite you to take part in a unique 6am ANZAC Day Dawn Service.

Simply stand at the end of your driveway, or on your balcony, from 5.55am and tune in to ABC Radio to hear The Ode, The Last Post and join in the minute’s silence.

The National Commemorative Service from the Australian War Memorial will be held from 5:30 AEST but will be broadcast on our local ABC Radio 5:30 a.m. Western Australian time.

RSL Perth’s Commemorative Service will be broadcast live from 6:30am local time on ABC Perth and ABC Western Australia radio, and live on ABC Perth’s Facebook page too.

Here are some videos you can watch to learn more, and to hear “The Last Post” being performed.


and here is a recipe for Anzac Biscuits you could make with your family. 😎

and here is her recipe.

Katherine Sabbath_Anzac Biscuits_1 (click on the link to download her recipe).

If you are able to do so, for please remember to add an image from your driveway, a photo of your baked Anzac Biscuits, a drawing you have done or a recording of you playing “The Last Post” etc. with a caption – onto the PADLET I’ve created for our Room 6 Family’s LIGHT UP THE DAWN 2020!  

Let’s connect.

Made with Padlet


Click on the link or the image above. Then all you need to do is double-click on the Padlet Wall and add your comment or media (don’t forget to give your first name only). You can also record audio or take an image or video direct from your device when you click the 3dots or more.  Have a play and let’s see what we get as a connected Anzac Day by our Room 6 Community!.

Mrs Veary 🙂