Meeting the Scitech Team

Sasha has worked hard to write a good post about your Scitech visit.  I’m very impressed with your ability to work on-line on the blog posts. 🙂

Guess what?

On Friday 26th of October, Scitech came to visit Margaret River Primary School. Room 6 was lucky enough to have three sessions with Scitech while they were at the school.The first session was the show.  The show was all about WHAT MAKES SOUND?  We soon learnt that vibration makes sound. We also listened to some sounds that were a bit weird and different from everyday sounds. One of them was made with a straw.  It sounded amazing!

Now that we knew that vibration makes sound we were given items to make our own instruments. In this hands-on activity we were put into groups. Each group had to make at least 2 different sounds with each instrument that they had made. Everybody enjoyed it and we made some sounds that you don’t hear every day.  You can hear a few of the sounds they made here.

Click here to listen  

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Jack and Charlie also explained how they made their instruments before making their sound.

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Our final session in the space dome was an exciting experience. In the space dome we learnt interesting facts about all the planets and stars. The presenter showed us how the stars form shapes which is how the Aboriginal people see the Emu. She showed us how stars form shapes and told us the Zodiac names of the shapes in the sky and how far away the Sun is from  the Earth.

I think everybody learnt a lot and had fun in the space dome.

Meeting the Scitech Team on PhotoPeach

I definitely enjoyed it!  Did you?                       🙂

Meeting Coach Cash

A few weeks ago we met Coach Cash. Coach Cash was talking about saving your money but also spending some on you.

We learnt a rhyme to help us save money.

This is the rhyme:

Spend some on you and save some too!

That rhyme is to do with your pocket money.

 We did some activities as well:

  1. We had to save up $100 in 10 weeks by doing chores for Coach Cash.

  2. We had to listen to the time travelling whistle which was going back into the Middle Ages and seeing what money was like then.

  3. We also learnt about the internet and how the bank and an ATM use the internet. Archie and Dane volunteered to help out in this one.

  4. We did Money Olympics by getting split into groups and using our money well.

I loved it and I think we all learnt a lot.

Did we learn a lot?

The Fun Run

On Friday 14 September MRPS had the fun run. We all enjoyed doing the fun run and at the end everyone had run a lot of laps. Our parents were allowed to come to watch us and they all cheered us on.

After the fun run we had a fair. We had lots of games to play and it was great fun. We raised quite a bit of money and we hope that we can get a little bit more technology for our school. I hope everyone really enjoyed it and you all had fun! Well did you all have fun? 😆